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      International Marketing

      • November 14, 2023
      • Branding
      • iffelinternational
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      What if in 2024 you could boost your organization’s success by increasing engagement – by inspiring curiosity – by strengthening the connection of your people-driven organization?   That’s the powerful question at the heart of Get Inclusive – Curated by Hema Dey and Eric Erenstoft.  This high-energy team combines their seasoned expertise in marketing, branding, DEI work, with catalytic leadership and peak performance to prime executives running purpose-driven, people-driven, and performance-driven …

      • September 19, 2018
      • CMO Tips
      • iffelinternational
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      Why California Businesses should include B2B eCommerce in their 2019 Strategic Plans

      B2B eCommerce, also known as business-to-business eCommerce, is the practice of selling products or services between businesses online, rather than simply from business to consumer. It is a growing trend in the world of eCommerce also commonly known as online marketing, with North American B2B customers purchasing somewhere near $1 trillion online per year. According …

      The founder of Iffel International Inc., Hema Dey, was on CBS News today with a roundtable group discussing civility in political discourse, as well as immigration and other key issues facing our nation. This is one of the many efforts that Hema has made to enter into the public debate, sharing her views and …

      • June 27, 2018
      • International Marketing
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      International Trade Seminar in Mexico

      Iffel International is proud to share this international series of seminars in Mexico City and Guadalajara, Mexico. Fragomen, LCR Capital Partners and Iffel’s strategic partner Bill Torres and Company will co-host a series of seminars to discuss the EB-5 green card program, investment and tax issues for applicants. The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program provides green …

      What is Blockchain?

      Blockchain is a technology that has been gaining steam recently, and with the growth of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, countries like China move to cashless points of sale, using a blockchain to replace paper cash for digital cash. Satoshi Nakamoto, the brains behind Bitcoin, used the blockchain concept as a response to the 2008 economic …

      Marketing American Made Medical IDs

      About half of American adults have one or more chronic health conditions. In an emergency, information about these medical conditions can be crucial in receiving timely, accurate, and life-saving treatment from medical professionals. Medical IDs are a standard way of communicating crucial health information and wearing them at all times is recommended by national and …

      Made In America Week – Our Take On It!

      As Donald Trump launches the Made In America week to stimulate and motivate local manufacturing, the notion of eCommerce plays both an opportunity and threat to the American Market. As much as the idea of Made in America is splendid, the supply chain established for years and decades now offers no quick fixes to making …

      • February 28, 2017
      • General Marketing Info
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      Are you looking for an eCommerce marketing agency who can help you increase sales? Are you a B2B type business? Have you envied your competitors who are selling on eCommerce and have a solid eCommerce marketing agency working with them? We are an eCommerce marketing agency located in Southern California servicing the B2B companies in …

      • February 18, 2017
      • International Marketing
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      Iffel International an eCommerce Marketing Agency has been in business now for 11 years and we have served a variety of clients from attorneys, CPA’s, freight forwarders, manufacturers and many more. Our reputation is based on our dedication to the creation of results. A big part of our business community participation has been with the …

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