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      Healthcare Marketing

      healthcare marketing

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      SERVICES TO GROW YOUR PRACTICE SO YOU CAN FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERSHealthcare Marketing for Medical Practitioners

      Most doctors, dentists, and surgeons want to focus on doing what they do best – treating patients. However, any medical practice has to thrive with new patients and this is where many medical practices face a level of difficulty and frustration. If you’re facing the following issues, medical and healthcare marketing may be an ideal solution to your practice’s issues.

      • Anxious because you don’t have NEW patients coming in?
      • Unsure why you are not VISIBLE online?
      • Confused as to how the COMPETITION does it?
      • Lost because you can’t keep up with TECHNOLOGY?


      What We Can Do For You…

      • Constructing Your Digital Marketing Plan and New Patient Retention Program
      • Branding and Messaging
      • Design and Develop Your Website – ADA Compliant
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO2Sales)
      • eMail Marketing
      • Moderating Webinars and Online Community Programs
      • Reviews and Reputation Management
      • Online Advertising

      Add more new patient revenue

      SEO2SALES creating new clients that generate profitable sales.

      Is your staff tired of following up on “junk” online leads that result in wasted time? The reason many medical marketing programs fail is due to bad targeting, a subpar prospect journey, and poor communication between the medical practice and their marketing partner.

      Our team of experts has developed proven processes to help not only generate higher quality leads but also work with your staff to improve lead-to-patient conversion.

      Most of our medical clinic owners have also been able to successfully add additional high-value services to expand their practices. Our Fractional CMO’shave a proven track record in growing medical practices. We look at it as a sales process and provide medical practitioners with a solution that focuses on getting the RIGHT new patient that yields a profit for the practice. Our process includes our SEO2SALES methodology, which identifies areas for growth that ensure everything from your website to SEO is connected, and your practice becomes a sales funnel for new patient revenue.



      1. We work with one medical practice per city, per specialty and will not take on your competition. For example, if you are a podiatrist in Corona, we will not take on another competing podiatrist in the areas you commit to us to market to.
      2. We will get you visible on Google but also hold you accountable for inbound calls and conversions for new patients. We will be part of your management team.
      3. Our priority is to ensure you have the right tools of which your website has to be compliant with Google; your SEO strategy is correlated with what patients are deemed profitable for your practice.

      Your practice needs a true marketing partner that understands your industry and the behavior of your patients. Stop getting burned by companies that promise high search engine rankings and low-cost leads and are not built to deliver consistent results. The only way to drive incremental patient growth is with a solution that focuses on getting the RIGHT new patient that yields a profit for the practice.

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