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      Local SEO

      • April 02, 2022
      • General Marketing Info
      • iffelinternational
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      Could a Lack of SEO Results Be Your Fault?

      At Iffel International, we get plenty of clients who are skeptical of SEO and hesitant to give SEO2Sales a try. Many of them have been burnt by SEO marketing agencies who promised them traffic that would magically turn into leads and sales. Instead of getting a business boost, though, they sank thousands of dollars …

      • January 24, 2022
      • Local SEO
      • iffelinternational
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      Why Google My Business Is More Important Than Ever

      Businesses of all kinds understand the importance of having good online visibility. The internet is the primary means people use to find and research where to purchase goods and services, even when they intend to buy those things in person. In fact, half of all searches on Google originate as local searches, meaning that …

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