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      Iffel’s Involvement in the Community: CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor

      • Posted On: June 27, 2018
      • Category: CMO Tips
      • Posted By: admin

      The founder of Iffel International Inc., Hema Dey, was on CBS News today with a roundtable group discussing civility in political discourse, as well as immigration and other key issues facing our nation. This is one of the many efforts that Hema has made to enter into the public debate, sharing her views and helping reach out to the business community to advance their growth. Hema’s insight will continue to run on CBS Evening News this week, and she will be sharing her perspective with a unique focus on the community of business owners here in Southern California.

      Hema is devoted to treating all with civility and respecting different viewpoints. On the evening broadcast, she was placed in a group with people on the other side of many political issues, as well as independents. Hema is willing to listen and actively engage with different views to hers, and by doing so, is able to reach out to all areas of the business community that she represents.

      Central to Hema’s involvement in the current political discourse is related to the issue of immigration. Our immigration system is currently broken— it is still difficult for individuals seeking a better life in the United States to immigrate here legally, and our business sector has been harmed by a lack of workers to fill jobs in our growing economy. Hema believes that the U.S. should undertake comprehensive immigration reform that addresses issues of legal and illegal immigration, as well as provide a pathway to legalization for undocumented immigrants who are currently contributing to our economy. Immigrants from all over the world are eager to come to the United States and contribute their skills and efforts to advancing their version of the American Dream; by doing so, they are greatly contributing to our economy, and Hema believes that encouraging immigration is the only way to sustain our economic growth and prepare for the future.

      The flaws in our immigration system have been increasingly exposed over the past 2 weeks. Children have been separated from their parents at the southern border under the current administration’s so-called “zero-tolerance policy.” This policy has resulted in the children of individuals crossing the border illegally (or ones seeking asylum) being declared as “unaccompanied minors” as their parents face prosecution. These children are then separated from their parents, often sent thousands of miles away, with little to no communication with their parents. Some parents are being reunited with their children as a result of a recent executive order stopping separations, but many parents do not know where their children are. Hema believes this continuous conflict at the border is an “unacceptable humanitarian crisis”—and that it needs to be addressed not only through halting the policy at the executive level, but also through comprehensive immigration reform that brings together both sides of the debate to end this crisis and focus on welcoming immigrants to contribute to our economy. Comprehensive immigration reform requires Democrats and Republicans in Congress to come together and work through a sustainable immigration bill that the President is willing to sign. The President and both parties must be willing to be reasonable and make compromises to advance our economic and national security interests.

      Hema believes that extending the circumstances surrounding our flawed immigration system and creating unnecessary humanitarian crises only impacts our economy and business growth. The business climate is very strong right now, and Hema believes that businesses need more workers to enter this country to continue and advance this trend. Many of these workers will come from other countries as immigrants, to make a better life for themselves here in the United States, and it is imperative that we pass sustainable and comprehensive immigration reform to address this problem.

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