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      B2B Content Marketing: Don’t Neglect the Human Touch

      • Posted On: March 26, 2024
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: iffelinternational

      In the world of B2B marketing, it can be easy to get caught up in the technology trends that both open new avenues for opportunity and present novel challenges for gaining a competitive edge. Nobody wants to be left behind while their competitors innovate, nor is it safe to rest on tried-and-true methods while the way we communicate evolves. However, too much focus on the how can risk neglecting the most important aspect of marketing—who we’re trying to reach.

      Reaching your desired audience is the essential core of effective marketing. While AI content generators like ChatGPT make it easier to churn out endless reams of content on nearly any topic someone can write a prompt for, is it producing what your audience is looking for? Is automation producing better content, or just more of it?

      If the watchword of 2023 was automation, then 2024 is likely to prove the year that authenticity becomes the leading trend. In a sea of look-alike, generic content, what audiences are truly seeking is authentic content that fosters meaningful engagement. In short, they want to hear from people.

      Are AI Content Generators Good for Anything?

      When generative AI first became widely available, it was speculated that human content writers might be out of a job in short order. After all, you could enter a prompt and instantly get back grammatically correct, coherently structured text, though it is possible to get convincingly written wrong answers, a problem experts say could take years to fix. What an AI can’t generate, however, is original insights from thought leaders or stories that breathe life into data in a way that compels your audience.

      So while AI can be good for producing material that summarizes general knowledge, it’s bad at what it turns out people want most—the authenticity that makes a brand stand out as unique. Brands need to focus on building meaningful human connections with their audience by communicating in ways that resonate. Does this mean that AI content generation is useless? Of course not. It can serve as a brainstorming tool to help spark ideas that can be shaped into engaging content. By all means, use it at the beginning of the process, but don’t mistake what it gives you for a finished product.

      Stories, Values, and Influencers

      The desire for authenticity manifests in several trends we have seen in marketing in recent years. The first is the power of storytelling. In the B2B setting, numbers play a significant role in marketing strategy, because data provides a solid foundation for persuading decision-makers and committees who have the final say on purchasing. When you tell a story with that data, using it to illustrate your value to your potential customer, you create more compelling content that keeps your audience engaged.

      The rising importance of values is another marketing trends businesses need to be aware of. People prefer to support brands that align with their personal values. The relatively new wrinkle is that social media has given companies multiple new platforms for talking to their audience—but it also gives that audience the means to publicly talk back. Many use social media to hold businesses to account when their actions don’t seem to align with their stated values. Finding the balance between staying true to a business’s internal values while staying attuned to their audience’s demands requires experienced marketing and content strategists.

      Finally, influencer marketing is on the rise in the B2B context, again highlighting the desire to connect with people who can speak to an audience’s concerns and interests. Collaborations with the right influencer can help improve a brand’s reach, if they are careful to ensure good alignment of brand and values.

      Your Marketing Edge

      When the technological landscape is changing fast, it can be tempting to throw everything at the wall, with disappointing results. At Iffel International, we keep your marketing strategy focused on the ends—effective engagement that leads to increased sales—not just the means. Our team stays on top of the latest marketing tools and trends to ensure that your message is landing with the right audience. To learn more about how Iffel can help your B2B business profit and grow, schedule a consultation today.

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