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      Website Construction

      Websites are your number one sales ambassador for your business and personal brand. It not only has to look good but it has to be Google compliant. Not sure what that means? This is why you need us at Iffel.

      Our Process:

      Step 1: Strategic Research

      Iffel’s team of market and Internet marketing analysts will assess:

      • Your Target Market: Effective marketing begins with understanding your demographic. Our research will help us craft content and design that speaks to your base, and ensure effective use of advertising resources by directing your messaging to where your target audience will see it.
      • Your Brand: Our team of professionals will research your brand identity, and strengthen how your messaging is perceived by consumers.
      • Your Competition: We will assess your competition to identify industry trends, and identify potential vulnerabilities that will give your business a leg up.

      Step 2: Design Psychology

      Once research is complete, our designers go to work. Your website will be designed with aesthetics in mind, but the main focus will be guiding consumers through a buying journey.

      Step 3: Layout Approval

      Once the design process is finished, you’ll be presented with a variety of layouts inspired by your branding. You’ll have full control over the final look and feel of your online store, and we’ll gladly advise on different choices.

       Step 4: Programming & Testing

      Our in-house programming team will begin work on your website and thoroughly test the site for any errors and issues before they reach the end-user. Our team of programmers have over 50 years of combined experience, and will ensure a polished product when you launch your online store!

      Step 5: Live Viewing

      Once your site has been loaded with all of your products, you will be able to make adjustments to the site and view it before it goes live!

      Step 6: Going Live!

      Your website and online store are ready to launch, and equipped to start processing transactions on day one!

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