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      Don’t Fall Victim to False PromisesLogistics Warehouse

      For B2B companies in the industrial, manufacturing, and other sales-driven enterprises, a search engine presence for buyer discovery and awareness is now a necessity to stay competitive in the marketplace. To thrive today, companies need data-driven insights that identify high-fit leads that are likeliest to convert. It’s the only way for an effective go-to-market strategy to take hold.

      These strategies have been successfully demonstrated in B2C companies but the approach applies equally to B2B organizations and the sales potential is significantly greater. Unfortunately, some B2B companies fall prey to digital marketing firms that dazzle them with promises of sky-high SEO performance. Their metrics are often inflated for a wow-factor, leaving clients stuck in an expensive contract without seeing a measurable return on investment in the form of sales.

      Are you:

      • Dissatisfied with the QUALITY of your online leads?
      • Frustrated by your HIGH cost of sales?
      • Unsure why you are not more VISIBLE online?
      • Confused as to how the COMPETITION does it?

      Why SEO Alone Won’t Work

      SEO technicians are technology-driven and do not have an in-depth understanding of marketing and sales. Without a comprehensive marketing strategy in place, your company will not gain the same results as working with our team of experts.  At Iffel International, we are the experts at B2B marketing and focus on business development first and then apply our marketing and sales skills to the technology required for a successful digital marketing and SEO strategy.

      Introducing SEO2Sales: We Connect the Dots between SEO and Sales

      We don’t just perform SEO work…instead; we deliver a FULLY integrated service for B2B companies that connects the dots between SEO and SALES. We become an extension of your team, functioning as your internet business development experts, working with your VP of Sales to generate new business. We do this by integrating our marketing expertise with SEO2SALES techniques to provide solutions based on profitable sales analysis.

      Increase Your Win Rate

      We provide quality SEO and digital marketing strategies for your sales people so that they no longer waste time following up on “junk” online leads. This is a win-win for both your company and your sales team.  Your cost of sales is reduced and your sales team is motivated by getting high-value leads that they can convert into sales to earn higher commissions.

      Why We Are Different

      Stop getting burned by companies that promise high search engine rankings and low cost leads and are not built to deliver consistent results. The only way to drive incremental business growth is with a solution that focuses on getting the RIGHT new customers that yield a profit for your business.

      We provide the perfect partnership for the VP of Sales who wants to design a hybrid sales architecture around personal selling and B2B ecommerce. We provide solutions that incorporate consultative selling using your website and other digital marketing traffic drivers including organic SEO, paid advertising and social media.


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