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      Fractional CMOs

      Fractional CMO a.k.a Rent a CMO

      Iffel International’s Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) program gives businesses of any size the unique opportunity to hire an outsourced marketing department. Your company gets the benefits and insight of a professional marketing manager, without the overhead cost and commitment of adding a full-time salaried position.

      “sMarketing is SMART – Leave your Marketing to the Experts and accelerate your sales and marketing (sMarketing) Results” Tom Reynolds

      When things get hectic, it’s easy for marketing to fall by the wayside. Many small to medium sized business lack the resources to hire a full time marketing executive, so they may rely on few independent vendors (such as graphic designers or web designers) from project to project.  In other cases, they assign someone in-house to address marketing projects as needed. This piecemeal approach may give the illusion of saving money, but in the long run the lack of a unifying strategy can seriously hinder the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, as well as your overall return on investment.

      Developing a comprehensive marketing plan takes a very specific set of skills that may be out of your scope of expertise as a small business owner, or are too low on the priority chain to receive the requisite time and effort. By outsourcing CMO duties to a CMO from Iffel International, you can trust that your marketing campaign is in the hands of a seasoned expert, and go back to doing what you do best: running your business.

      Iffel International’s CMOs bring much more to the table than a new website, a few weekly Facebook posts, and the occasional press release. We develop a clearly defined marketing strategy — focused on measurable and attainable goals — custom built for your business. We connect the dots between marketing and sales.

      What We offer

      Our Fractional CMO program is based on flexibility, strategy and results. We don’t deal in cookie-cutter advertising templates or SEO packages. We assess the unique needs and characteristics of your brand, your demographic, and your competition, and then we develop your marketing plan from the ground up. Our core competencies encompass a vast range of focused marketing planning and web services, and we’ll focus on the most effect avenues to reach your target audience.

      With over 25 years of International and US marketing experience, Iffel International offers marketing consulting services for strategic marketing planning and outsourced marketing department solutions. We aim to offer industry expertise at affordable rates, and we’re proud of our proven track record in delivering results.

      By laying the framework for functional marketing planning (FMP) our strategies empower you to:

      • Focus on areas of growth, and identify and fix stagnancy. This includes expansion using eCommerce marketing platforms from independent branded websites (Magento Certified) and/or eBay or Amazon. (For specifics on our eCommerce Consulting Division click HERE)
      • Accrue customer feedback, identifying strengths and areas that need improvement.
      • Examine competitors as a benchmark for growth and insight into industry trends.
      • Establish an execute an integrated marketing strategy including a strong and unified web presence, SEO program, and social media marketing plan.
      • Maximize growth and revenue capabilities.

      Plans by Project offer a defined budget where costs are determined by the specific demands of your current project. Project plan proposals are anticipated based on the total number of hours needed to complete an assignment.

      Monthly Retainers provide clients with ongoing marketing support. This plan is great if you need an outsourced marketing department to work on multiple projects. Monthly retainers are also convenient if you need help with executing and assessing your marketing campaigns. Clients determine their monthly marketing budget and Iffel will work within those parameters.

      Whether you need year-round marketing support or assistance on a case-to-case basis, we can fit your needs. Our functional marketing plans are all based on measurable goals, so we can clearly assess your progress, as well as your return on investment.

      Contact us today for a business assessment. Let us help you focus on increasing your bottom line, reducing costs, and growing your business.

      Meet Our Team of CMO’s HERE

      International Export and Import Businesses:

      Hema Dey, founder and CEO of Iffel International, has over two decades of experience in international sales, marketing and public relations. Her Fractional CMO program enables CEO’s of numerous organizations to bring her and her team into their organizations with an instant action plan.  A consummate world traveler, Dey founded Iffel International in New Zealand in 2006. “New Zealand is a country of four million people, and 60 million sheep. International import and export is crucial to New Zealand’s survival,” says Dey. “I incorporated Iffel in the United States in 2010, with the goal of focusing my experience and knowledge in international business toward helping the domestic and U.S. export sector”


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