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      Google AdWords Specialist

      We are Google AdWords specialist and manage Google Advertising on behalf of our clients. Our clients range from attorneys, accountants, eCommerce stores and business consultants. If you are not seeing your phone rings from your Google Advertising campaign, something is not right. Your keyword structure may need updating, your ad campaigns may not be as focused as it should be. We measure results with our clients and ensure that every dollar spent is optimized.

      The reason we are so good at this is:

      1. We are veterans in marketing strategy and executing both traditional and online marketing work
      2. We apply our marketing knowledge and experience with the rules set by Google. We respect Google’s stand on things and work with their platform.
      3. We understand keyword strategy, building low and high bids providing a hybrid of per click costs to optimize what is known as CTR the Click Thru Rate.
      4. We monetize every move by monitoring with our clients every inbound call and conversion to a sale. Attorneys tend to call it a retainer.
      5. We work with our clients on exclusive basis. You probably think that limits our business scope but it is our ethical stand that we don’t work with our clients’ direct competitors. There are several criteria’s which we adhere to as a company policy so that our clients have our 100% commitment to being the best online sales and marketing team for them.
      6. All traffic is monitored on Google Analytics and translated into meaningful information for our clients each step of the way.

      The biggest question you need to ask yourself is:

      1. Do you want to work in partnership with Iffel International as your Google Adwords Specialist?
      2. Are you prepared to work hand in hand on sales and sales conversions?
      3. Do you have the right person receiving inbound calls, someone who can sell the business? A receptionist is a director of first impressions.
      4. And lastly do you have a team who can convert phone calls into actual sales / retainers?

      If you wish to discuss this further with us, please email us at sales@iffelinternational.com


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