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      Mobile Websites

      Mobile eCommerce Website Design

      If your business is online, you need a mobile optimized website. Smartphones are quickly overtaking desktops as the preferred point of sale for online retail. Current market research estimates that 70% of smartphone owners have migrated their shopping to their mobile devices, and that number will continue to grow.

      If your online store isn’t currently optimized for mobile users, your sales are likely already suffering as a result. In recent updates to its search algorithm — a move the marketing community has dramatically dubbed “Mobilegeddon” — Google searches now prioritizes mobile-friendly websites for if the search is performed on a smart-phone web-browser. While the change doesn’t affect searches from desktop computers, losing visibility from smartphone users could have catastrophic impacts on your marketing. Market research firm Greenlight estimates that the number one result on Google’s search page garners 20-30% of clicks, with positions two and three seeing a dramatic drop-off with 5-10%, and the rest of the results receiving less than 1% each.

      The SEO edge should be reason enough, but the functionality advantage of a mobile optimized site cannot be overstated. A successful eCommerce strategy is all about ushering the consumer through the buying journey, and forcing them to navigate tiny sidebars and drop-down menus on their smartphone won’t do you any favors. By presenting a mobile option, you streamline the customer’s interaction with your online store, and empower them to access your product without hindrance.

      What do you do?

      If your business lacks a mobile site, you’re not alone. TechCrunch found that 44% of the Fortune 500 companies failed the mobile test, and the percentages are much higher amongst small and medium-sized businesses. Optimizing your online store for mobile users will help you gain an advantage, or at least level the playing field with the competition.

      Iffel’s web designers can create a customized mobile version of your website that matches your existing branding and design, or create a brand new website from scratch, complete with a mobile component.

      Our Process
      1. Site Analysis: We look at your current website and assess all the categories and products.
      2. Design: Our team of designers will begin the design for your site. You will be presented with a design that will match your brand and your target market.
      3. Programming: Once the design is approved, our team of professional programmers will begin to program your mobile store. Your mobile store will talk to your current online store and will make management a breeze.
      4. Launch: You won’t need to purchase a new domain address for your mobile site.

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