Jun, 2020

  • June 12, 2020
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SEO Isn’t Just A Science, It’s About the Art of Selling Online

This time over a year ago when the world was still spinning on its axis I was sitting in an office with a view of my computer displayed on an 80” conference room television. My head of sales wanted me to carve out an hour of my day to give him a comprehensive understanding …

  • June 02, 2020
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  • iffelinternational
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COVID-19 and eCommerce | How Market Disruptions Create Rare Opportunities

COVID-19 has been the cause of immense market disruptions over the past several months. Many businesses that previously had a steady and reliable income receivables have been rendered high risk for closure. Depending on industry, business model, and structural flexibility, there are also an equal number of companies that have benefited and grown from …

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