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  • October 27, 2015
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SEO vs. Sales

As we’ve discussed at length in previous articles, high web traffic numbers are exciting, but what is their direct influence on sales? A Functional Marketing Plan (FMP) can only be effective if its effects are measurable, so this means evaluating how many visitors are actually converted into sales.
For our purposes, we want to quantify …

SEO: Dead or Redefined?

In recent years, SEO has gone from a buzzword to a veritable Holy Grail amongst advertising experts selling cure all solutions to internet marketing woes. On paper, it makes sense: rigging your website to appear higher on a Google search page will shepherd more visitors to your site. But as we discussed in our previous …

  • October 16, 2015
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Exporting US Made Products

Foreign importers have made their presence felt in the domestic eCommerce market, and evidence suggests they’re here to stay. The exact effects on our retail economy remain to be seen, but the specter of foreign competition should be a strong motivator for domestic businesses to update their eCommerce offerings, and consider launching their own export …

  • October 08, 2015
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CEO, Hema Dey – World Class New Zealander

The call came in from KEA to CEO for Iffel International, Hema Dey, a few weeks back confirming that she is now a World Class New Zealander. Many who know Hema, know how passionate she is about marketing both within the US market and internationally. Her success comes from the hands on, international business school …

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