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      CEO, Hema Dey – World Class New Zealander

      • Posted On: October 08, 2015
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      The call came in from KEA to CEO for Iffel International, Hema Dey, a few weeks back confirming that she is now a World Class New Zealander. Many who know Hema, know how passionate she is about marketing both within the US market and internationally. Her success comes from the hands on, international business school of hard knocks, where her mentors groomed her as a fresh naive university graduate into a bold, confident international ambassador for New Zealand businesses. Hema’s main drive is to turn businesses into sales organizations, she strongly suggest that if the business are not sales focus, there will be issues!

      So what does it all mean? This fancy title comes after Hema’s plight in building her very own beachhead for exporters in the USA. She loves New Zealand, as a graduate from Lincoln University, in New Zealand’s South Island, her 20 year stint helping exports from New Zealand to sell around the world enhanced by her travel experience to over 34 countries, makes Hema Dey a unique and talented Kiwi Ambassador. She has earned the rights, as Dale Carnegie would say, to advising New Zealand exporters or any exporter for that matter, to the USA on various functional solutions on how to get established. Imagine this – who would go to Paris, sole charge for  a New Zealand elevator component manufacturer, learn the technical details of a new elevator device (as a non-engineer), find new clients within a new sector both distributors and OEM’s, learn a new language and make headlines in sales numbers – Hema will!

      In the Greater Los Angeles area, today, Hema has put together a group called GloCAL (Global & SoCAL) professionals who can instantly provide solutions be it, legal, accounting, online payment processing, immigration, counterfeiting, banking, finance or HR. She chairs this group as a sales and marketing strategist, project managing the different requirements for her clients.  She has done this as a standalone private entity – through her business called Iffel International. She has a team of people who create solutions using online marketing techniques, website development, SEO and Social Media – and not forgetting, Social Commerce. All pointing to one thing, sales results.

      Manufacturers, distributors and wholesales are starting to see eCommerce as a threat to their business, because buyers are readily buying online both on desktop computers and mobile (smartphones and tablets) devices. Hema and her team are able to consider various options to get businesses selling online – including traditional b2b businesses. It depends on the product and buyer profile but overall, the one major aim is to advocate constructive change, creating sales organizations for all her clients.

      KEA as an organization is amazing, this is New Zealand’s Kiwi Expatriate Association, who are using expatriates worldwide to contribute to global growth and trade. A magnificent strategy of thinking global and acting local, leveraging off people with similar mindset across the world. There is a lot to be said about New Zealand, with just 4 million people, this is a country which has had to export. Kiwi’s are renowned for their worldly mindset, excellence in innovation and better by design, technology and not forgetting winners of the worlds’ best Sauvignon Blanc wines.

      Hema has established strong networks on the West Coast of the United States, with strong allies and representation on the East Coast as well. Kiwi exporters have a place they can feel supported, in addition to KEA and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. Hema is in dialogue with NZ Trade Commissioner, Mr. Duncan Catanach who resides in Los Angeles at this time. Sectors of interest to Hema and her company Iffel International include, companies who want to harvest growth from the USA eCommerce sector, technology companies, consumer goods and personal care.

      If you are not a Kiwi business, don’t feel left out, contact Iffel International at sales@iffelinternational.com – Hema is able to help committed business owners who genuinely want to export to the USA.

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