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Center for Digital Marketing Technology

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Google + Iffel = Business Growth

Welcome to my story, my passion, and my wish for you and your business: GROWTH. With over 20 years in global marketing, sales, business development and customer service experience, I now have my own professional marketing practice.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Hema was crucial to helping me execute my vision for this site. She provided the insight needed to make it functional for growth, without having to sacrifice creativity. Hema guided me on how to leverage the website and incorporate it as a tool when making decisions rather than view it simply as a storefront. Hema wants to see you grow and get the personal and professional outcome you desire, and it shows in the way she applies her expertise to suit your needs., Lana Daoud, Newport Beach, CA
  • Iffel International helped us to analyze our strategic marketing goals in the process of redesigning our company’s website. Hema and her team worked to keep us on task, found ways to improve the back-end usability of our site, and improved our marketing capacity so that we can continue to effectively serve our clients.

    North Star Alliances, J & E Morales, North Star Alliances
  • “I was very impressed by Hema and believe she has the understanding and knowledge to take any business to the next level through an online marketing strategy” Joanna Hadfield, Founder at Atelier 

    Atelier by Joanna Hadfield

    Atelier, Joanna Hadfield, World Class New Zealander in Los Angeles
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Our clients are our biggest advocates. It is all about performance and quality. We put LOVE in our work!


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