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      Dec, 2014

      • December 02, 2014
      • International Marketing
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      Who qualifies to engage with GloCAL: 

      Importing and Exporting using the internet a.k.a eCommerce and mCommerce is feasible.

      If you are not sure how to import or export, GloCAL, Iffel’s group of Professional advisors on international trade can assist.

      B2B and B2C businesses.
      Traditional B2B businesses who want to add …

      • December 02, 2014
      • General Marketing Info
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      Meet Mr. Cooper
      Iffel’s Google Intelligence Dog

      In 2015 we are providing webinars and seminars for business owners and corporate executives on updates that are happening in the internet world. This includes:

      Updates from Google
      Managing Risk around updates
      Solutions to resolve any changes in search engine ranking etc.

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