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      Made In America Week – Our Take On It!

      • Posted On: July 20, 2017
      • Category: CMO Tips
      • Posted By: admin

      Made in America

      As Donald Trump launches the Made In America week to stimulate and motivate local manufacturing, the notion of eCommerce plays both an opportunity and threat to the American Market. As much as the idea of Made in America is splendid, the supply chain established for years and decades now offers no quick fixes to making it 100% in America. After all this is the 21st Century! The Trump family business has struggled to flip the off-shore manufacturing model overnight to making their range of products in America since taking office – yes Trump products are made in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and more….. but this comes as no surprise as the shift in manufacturing is a tall order! The idea of Made in America is a great one but it will take time to get established.

      What is positively encouraging under Trump is that he will put a stop to all online predatory sales that are impacting local manufacturers. What is really sad is that eBay, a USA company, has been a real advocate for years, encouraging Chinese companies from China and Hong Kong to sell direct to consumers in the USA. Products such as garments, plant seeds, toys, baby items and much more have all by-passed regulatory measures at the US Customs Border, because of the sheer volume of inbound items. It is so large that it is simply tough to police. Consumers have been attracted to eBay because some of these items are so cheap and for some “odd” reason many a time, shipping is FREE – yes all the way from China and Hong Kong. The mind boggles!

      The opportunity for US manufacturers, with claims of Made in America is –  using eCommerce to expand both B2B and B2C sales.

      At the end of the day, making products in the USA stamps a level of quality, therefore demanding a higher price point in the market place. B2B eCommerce is set to be two to three times the size of B2C eCommerce in the billions and trillions of dollars. Traditional manufacturers, growers and technology centers who have embarked on the eCommerce platform are doing great, creaming margins selling business to business.

      Iffel International has a real passion to help companies across the USA who are struggling to make that move into B2B eCommerce. Our focus is not simply getting a pretty eCommerce website up but a sales engine that talks with internal systems to enhance better operations and manufacturing forecasting, saving cost and creating better efficiencies all round. Hema Dey, who is founder of Iffel has a real passion for the manufacturing sector and is able to work within industries that are manufacturing either components, full equipment/machinery, agricultural products and much more. If there is an executive team that needs guidance or a fractional eCommerce director on board to steer both commercial and technical eCommerce decision making, it really is of benefit to be working with Iffel International.

      The upside of going eCommerce for a business to business model includes, efficiencies in ordering, payment, better customer relationship management (CRM) and operational forecasting will yield better planning , not to mention better cost savings all round. The customers will be in a better position to track shipping and their demand as well. The analytics that come hand in hand with eCommerce are endless, expansion through the use of SEO, Social Media, Online Advertising can and will be a lot more effective than ever before.

      Iffel International is located in Los Angeles but we serve companies across the USA and Internationally. We have been in business for over 11 years now and provide a full marketing agency service. “It all starts with a Functional Marketing Plan and a Sales Mindset” says Hema Dey, President at Iffel International. Hema has been an international marketer since 1994 and holds a university degree in Business Administration and International Marketing. She leads SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with a team who are committed to ranking websites on the first page of Google. The hybrid of both commercial and technical, provides Iffel clients with a more applied approach to marketing, sales and business development. The business won an Innovation Award last year and continues to grow.

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