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  • Posted On: February 18, 2017
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Iffel International an eCommerce Marketing Agency has been in business now for 11 years and we have served a variety of clients from attorneys, CPA’s, freight forwarders, manufacturers and many more. Our reputation is based on our dedication to the creation of results. A big part of our business community participation has been with the Office of Foreign Trade and the SBA (Small Business Administration) International Trade division in Santa Ana, California. CEO and Founder Hema Dey, was recently appointed to moderate and international ecommerce conference in Riverside, organized and planned by the Office of Foreign Trade in Riverside.

In a review with Hema, this is her take on her feedback and studies she has personally conducted with business owners with regards to embarking on eCommerce be it to grow nationally or to export. Business owners in the USA have not had or rather have not been forced into thinking of selling outside their state, let alone internationally. In contrast, her time as head of sales and marketing for New Zealand technology companies, it was second nature to export, being a nation of 4 million people and 60 million sheep! “It surprises me each time when a US business owner says, how do I ship to Canada” says Hema Dey. There is a huge learning curve for many, but in saying that there are many successful business owners who are selling nationally and internationally. BUT lets focus now on eCommerce.

Selling on the internet is still voodoo for some! They just don’t get it. “It always makes me laugh when I attended a Global meeting in downtown Los Angeles with other professionals, I spoke about warehouses in Cerritos which is about 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles (without traffic) and these people in Los Angeles, had no idea where the city was!” laughed Hema Dey. It was an eye opener that US culture is very locally focused by county, by city, by state and the big thing now is that a business with such a narrow focus can sell interstate across 50 states using eCommerce. But there is a fear of the unknown and that is totally understandable. Questions around, do I need my own branded website, how do I start on eBay or Amazon – which one is the best way forward.

Hema has decided to create a campaign around eCommerce to bring awareness to entrepreneurs who are still behind the game plan on eCommerce. A must is to engage on this website: Whilst there are many blogs here on Iffel International about eCommerce, people who are only interested in ecommerce matters can get as much or as little as they want on there. “The thing that frustrates me the most is that if a client is able to provide me with all information required, I can get them exporting in all 50 states and internationally within 6-8 weeks” sighs Hema Dey. There is so much that can be done to diversify especially under the current Trump rhetoric on increasing tariffs, America first and international relations with Mexico and China. Companies have to consider other options, model sales plans based on what ifs around macro economic issues that can possibly hinder sales and create a vacuum. For example if you are importing goods from China with tariffs at 45%, what is this going to do to your sales? Naturally you will be increasing your price to the consumer, what if they can’t buy it?

What is your next game plan? If you were purely reliant on distributors, why not think about a more b2c sales model so you are looking at buyers that will give you that added margin. This does not only apply to manufacturers of consumer products, but also b2b. A classic example that Hema talks about is Chinese growers are selling seeds for vegetables, fruit plants over the internet, why can’t growers in the USA do the same thing.

But the real issue is getting USA business owners to take action to get eCommerce as part of their sales strategy. Its important, the time is now folks, if you don’t jump on this opportunity – your decision, your getting left behind. Make an appointment with Hema Dey now.


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