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      eCommerce marketing agency with a B2B focus

      • Posted On: February 28, 2017
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      Are you looking for an eCommerce marketing agency who can help you increase sales? Are you a B2B type business? Have you envied your competitors who are selling on eCommerce and have a solid eCommerce marketing agency working with them? We are an eCommerce marketing agency located in Southern California servicing the B2B companies in the United States.

      We are constantly in touch with the eCommerce sector and our research tells us that the B2B eCommerce sector is twice the size of the B2C eCommerce sector is projected to be $1.1 Trillion by 2020. Our eCommerce marketing agency philosophy is all about looking at individual businesses, to offer an engine (website) that will cater to the needs of the customer and the internal systems and procedures already existing in a business. Why?

      Traditional Sales and Marketing

      A traditional b2b sales model would involve, selecting distributors or wholesalers or in some cases manufacturers reps. There might be a sales manager with a sales team with a budget set for travel either domestically or internationally, a company car, entertainment and accommodation budget and much more. The pressure was and is on the sales team or the distributor to perform, connect with buyers and create the opportunity to sell and deliver the products. Is this still valid? YES but what if we told you there is possibly an easier way to get to market, expand your reach and provide leads for your sales team, create a easier order processing system and keep your customers happy!

      The Industrial Sector

      So you might be making machinery, elevator doors, variable speed drives, solid state starters, extracting functional keratin from wool. If you aren’t familiar with eCommerce for the B2B sector you might say, well these are products that aren’t suited for an eCommerce platform. But what if we came in, told you that it is possible, its going to reduce your operational budget and increase sales two to three fold, creating and opening new markets for you both domestically and internationally? Would you believe us?

      Unlocking the Power of eCommerce for the B2B Sector

      If you are head of sales or marketing don’t see eCommerce as a threat to your job. It is an additional channel to market. Think about it, the youngest baby boomer is now 53 years old. The oldest millennial is 35 years old. Millennials live on their mobile devices, make decisions, do their research and by the way so do Gen Xer’s. These are future business leaders and decision makers who are already and if not doing it – selling on eCommerce. It is the way of the future.

      eCommerce depending on the business can mean a shopping cart and in additional a mobile app that connects instantly with the buyer or internal staff creating efficiencies all round. Think of it this way: the mobile app is on the smartphone or tablet, the buyer sees the branded mobile app all the time, you send through updates, messages, product releases and they get an instant message (don’t over do it as it will become annoying). You are now top of mind and perhaps they have been waiting for your new product release and bang, now they are looking at the product images, description and new features and loving it. Next step they are getting their credit card out to pay or checking out using Apple Pay! WOOWZA! Money is in your bank account and all you have to do is deliver the product on time and provide post sales service as required. The app is able to show updates on order tracking and delivery status which sits as a history log on for the particular customer. Now you have just moved into CRM mode (customer relationship management). Your customer is so happy they keep your app open, read your news articles or technical updates, blogs and are now commenting and giving you instant reviews and feedback. They are engaged, satisfied and now recommending you to others.

      The Process

      So now you are sold on eCommerce for B2B how do you get started. Pick a reputable eCommerce Marketing Agency. The word Agency should be defined as a team of experts who are able to dissect your business, understand the opportunities in eCommerce, and design a custom functional marketing plan with your senior management team. This is a project that involves marketing, operations, production and accounting. Rent a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) who comes from a manufacturing background, who understands the correlation of sales and ramping up and down production lines. Once the strategy is set with the number of products to go on the eCommerce platform, it is key to get the CMO to work with a team of developers either Magento Certified or WooCommerce savvy to build the platform. At the same time the CMO can work on the mobile app specifications to tie in the buyer experience with the new website.

      Our next blog will be more focused on Magento vs WooCommerce. For more information write to us HERE

      Please note, because we feel that there is an importance on eCommerce we have created a special website dedicated to tips, tricks and services at eCommerce-consultant.com



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