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  • Posted On: January 11, 2018
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About half of American adults have one or more chronic health conditions. In an emergency, information about these medical conditions can be crucial in receiving timely, accurate, and life-saving treatment from medical professionals. Medical IDs are a standard way of communicating crucial health information and wearing them at all times is recommended by national and global organizations such as the WHO.

At American Medical ID, we’re on a mission to put a medical ID on everyone who needs one. We’ve been the leading manufacturer of high quality and stylish medical alert jewelry in the US for over 22 years. Our personalized, custom engraved medical ID jewelry is made, engraved and shipped out from our Houston, TX location.

Being a 100% American and 100% employee owned company is something we take great pride in and celebrate. The question of how to weave this pride into our marketing strategy led us to Hema Dey’s thought-provoking piece, Marketing Made in USA Brands alongside other notable Made in America advocates and communities. These folks encouraged us to share our own learnings and discoveries through this guest post.

More than just Branding

Being Made in America is more than just branding. It is about providing employment to our community, adhering to government standards, and the challenge to remain competitive with outsourced brands. It is also about ensuring the safety of our customers and maintaining excellent customer service by employing professional trained support staff. Each of our medical IDs are not just a piece of jewelry but peace of mind, independence, and security for individuals, families, and loved ones.

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American Medical ID provided on-site medical ID engraving and was able to donate hundreds of medical IDs to homeless Veterans in need during a recent nationwide Stand Down Rebound event.

We also found that our commitment to manufacture in the US is strongly linked to other advocacies we are passionate about. This includes raising awareness of the Veterans Medical ID Benefit as an approved supplier of Veteran medical IDs and our commitment to support American health communities for people living with Diabetes, heart conditions, Autism, Alzheimer’s, and more.

Being Part of the Made in America Movement and Community

The movement to buy more Made in America products is making waves, but how do we make ourselves and our story heard? This is where community outreach comes in to make American-made products, such as our medical IDs, easier to find for people who want to support this movement.

We look forward to working with even more individuals and communities with genuine passion for Made in America that runs deeper from a branding or retail standpoint. This movement gave us newfound ways to celebrate our heritage and advocacy, and to join hands with others in pushing this movement forward.

Tips for Promoting your Made in America Products

The following tips are based on our experience when we first began exploring Made in America as a marketing opportunity for our brand. We look forward to learning and sharing more as we progress on this marketing journey:

  • Research the Made in America Movement and keep abreast of developing news. This will greatly inspire creativity and motivate you in marketing your products as proudly American-Made.
  • Sit down with your team to talk about your heritage and craft your Made in America story. Add this to your About Page or as a separate section on your company website to talk about being Made in America.
  • Make it easier for your customers to realize the positive impact of buying Made in America. Add pull-out quotes on your product pages or integrate this message on your product descriptions.
  • Add American celebrations to your editorial calendar. This is an opportunity to spark regular conversations with your audience on supporting Made in America brands.
  • Include Made in America messaging to your social media communications. Engage with others that share the same passion by responding to tweets or helping amplify updates. Craft posts that positively inspire and educate followers on the impact of buying American products.

What do you think? We’d love to hear about other companies’ marketing journeys and tips in promoting their Made in America brands. Please connect with us and leave your reactions via comments below. Special thanks to Hema Dey of Iffel International for allowing us to share our story.

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