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Iffel International is a full service, globally minded marketing firm located in the greater Los Angeles area. We provide an online marketing experience that goes beyond today’s obsessions with search engine optimization and website hits. We believe marketing should be about sales, and we craft strategies that engage customers from a communication standpoint, and focus on driving that communication toward profitable action.

The marketing experts at Iffel International are poised to aid businesses of all shapes and sizes, especially small to medium enterprises that may not be able to afford a CMO, Marketing Manager, or Internet Marketing Strategist. Our consultants can act as an external team member to launch or revitalize your marketing efforts, or move in to assist an existing marketing team with a particular campaign, promotion, or product launch.

We aim to improve your marketing performance in three key areas: business growth through eCommerce, customer satisfaction, and global networking. Marketing is nothing without a focused and functional marketing plan: a strategy to connect with potential customers, turn leads into sales, while ensuring scaled infrastructure improvements to handle growth.

Our core competencies encompass a full selection of traditional and digital marketing tactics, including SEO, content marketing, and social media. We offer a comprehensive list of services from marketing strategy, export marketing strategy with a sales focused. Our International clients enjoy our team of Global and SoCAL (GLOCAL) professionals who are able to provide professional advice on various facets of doing business in the USA such as legal, tax and accounting, HR, warehousing and distribution, supply chain matter, eCommerce shipping and international shipping.

Hema Dey, founder and CEO of Iffel International, has over two decades of experience in international sales, marketing and public relations. Her Rent a CMO concept enables CEO’s of numerous organizations to bring her and her team into their organizations with an instant action plan.  A consummate world traveller, Dey founded Iffel International in New Zealand in 2006. “New Zealand is a country of four million people, and 60 million sheep. International import and export is crucial to New Zealand’s survival,” says Dey. “I incorporated Iffel in the United States in 2010, with the goal of focusing my experience and knowledge in international business toward helping the U.S. export sector.” Dey does work with several professional service sector businesses who value the essence of traditional and online marketing. Her signature eCommerce websites by Hema Dey program, provide functional, creative and dollar driven results.

Iffel’s international import/export mindset can be applied to any industry, but is particularly powerful in American eCommerce. “I believe in a 50 states, 50 countries concept,” explains Dey, “Each state has a unique makeup in terms of demographic and buyer behavior. Any company that’s involved in domestic eCommerce should apply an international export mindset to domestic marketing, in order to improve their reach.”

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