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      Marketing Made in USA brands

      • Posted On: December 01, 2016
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      With President-Elect Trump visiting the Carrier plant today in Indiana, we are encouraged with jobs being kept in the USA. Just yesterday Hema Dey, President of Iffel International was speaking on eCommerce strategies, marketing Made in USA products and services for the technology sector at the business accelerator program at Long Beach City College. The range of Californian based manufacturers who attended this session were companies that displayed American innovation in both technology and design. These are companies who are creating jobs in California, doing domestic sales but are looking at exporting to various different countries from Saudi Arabia, Latin America, South East Asia and Europe. We are looking at companies who have designed technology to save lives, to reduce manufacturing cost and time, to offer better efficiencies to businesses in software and technology that represents international standards.

      The value “Made In USA brand” offers is endless. The world knows that it is associated with Quality and Trust and hence earning the right to be sold at a higher value. Many SME business owners are often intimidated by the price wars from countries like China, India, Bangladesh, Central America where manufacturing costs are a lot lower. But is it all about price especially when there is a life at stake, or when the cheap product fails after the first use. It is an opportunity cost and it is the responsibility of the seller or marketer to present the facts, the arguments as to why the buyer should pay more for value. Is it difficult, YES! That is why you need a marketer who can digest the details, explore the values, benchmark the features and benefits against your competition, concluding with a strategy that involves a compelling reason as to why the product or service demands a higher price point.

      It is all in the communication and to get the communication and branding right, you need a good marketer. If you are wanting to expand internationally you will need a good international marketer. Once the brand and communication recipe starts to raise awareness, it will create more leads, more interest, further business meetings, negotiations and now you need a closer to close the deal. At the end of the day the sale matters! So conclusions at this time:

      1. Don’t be afraid with international competition, producing at lower cost
      2. Get a marketer who can define the value of your product and service, setting the price for what it is truly worth without leaving money on the table
      3. Get an international marketer who knows how to pitch your product in global markets, once again setting the value of your product at the right price (not the lowest) based on the value of the product or service
      4. Remember that people do know that Made In USA products come with a perception of world class quality, durability and trust
      5. Make sure you have a closer ready when the deals are in front of you to ensure that the sale is made.

      Now lets talk about getting the message or brand out there into the market place. The internet is an excellent place to present your information. The internet gives you the opportunity to trade, to market, to be part of what is now known as eBusiness, eCommerce, eTrade….it has gotten easier! Be it large machinery to consumer goods, the internet offers endless creative and constructive promotional opportunities for all businesses. The question is how and how much do you do at what cost. It really starts with your website and if you don’t have that right, it defeats your overall strategy to communicate your brand. A website is not just a number of pages put together but a science in combining both design and search engine optimization to put you one step ahead of your competition.

      Take a look at your website, do you think it communicates what it is you want to do for your clients? Now, look at your competition, are they doing better? Where are you ranked online compared to your competition? Is your site mobile friendly, browser compatible and if you have a check out option to pay, is that set up to be easy to use, easy to pay? The website is more than just a pretty thing to look at, it really is your company’s number one sales and marketing ambassador. So if it isn’t right, let us at Iffel help you make it right!.

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