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      GloCAL 2013, Unveiled!

      • Posted On: April 30, 2013
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      GloCAL 2013, was attended by business professionals who trade both Globally and in Southern California, (hence the brand GloCAL). The unveiling of GloCAL 2013, took place at the grand opening of Westset Logistics in La Mirada, last Thursday 25th of May 2013. Hema Dey, CEO and Founder of Iffel International, lead the way with her speech about a New Zealand tannery, Bowron Sheepskins and how as Bowron’s sales and marketing department for North America since 2009, successfully accomplished a cost effective, sales driven organization with a complete “4PL service”. The solutions were in 3PL, business incorporation, international tax advice and HR.

      Ms. Dey announced her key GloCAL Advisory Committee, a selection of trusted advisors who will provide functional advice, for business owners who want to export or import into the USA. “Sales is key for a business, and marketing, functional marketing drives sales” says Ms.Dey. She continues to state that, “when there is a business i.e. sales,  we have a team of trusted partners to provide the operational structure in Supply Chain issues, Accounting and Legal matters, International Freight Forwarding, etc……”. Some key businesses were mentioned in her speech, Bill Torres & Company (CPA), BKCG Attorneys, eMerchant Solutions, Alpi International Freight Forwarders, Hi-Tech Logistics, August Law Group, Invenz, Westset Logistics and Total Transportation & Distribution.

      The Future

      The future growth in the USA is exciting, Ms. Dey spoke about the boom within the E-Commerce and M-Commerce business space, where more buying decisions are made on smartphones (mobile devices). Manufacturers are starting to question the need for a retailer or wholesaler, where sales is an issue. “Many of my clients want someone to have passion for their products and to make sure the sales is on track” says Ms. Dey.

      E-Commerce & M-Commerce

      With E  & M Commerce growing the way it is, many manufacturers or brand owners are able to drive the expected commercial outcomes. Iffel is a laser focused sales organization which uses functional marketing techniques to achieve results. The GloCAL model empowers business owners, presidents and key executives to have an alternative option for business growth. Maybe a dual channel strategy if need be.  The concept of being in control of sales and brand equity is of interest to many and Iffel has the perfect solution, to provide increased margin potential with both low and high risk marketing programs.

      Ms Dey, also spoke about Mobile Marketing and how smartphones and tablets are a POINT OF SALE. ” This is a mindset that everyone, will have to get their head around, from the B2B, B2C and Professional sectors”, Ms. Dey speaks with passion about this. She continues to say, “Why make it difficult for the consumers when all they want to do is buy from their phones!”. Ms. Dey, quoted from statistics that $8 BILL of consumer spending came from mobile sales in 2012 alone. The sector is expected to grow 10% year on year, with projected sales of $370 BILL by the year 2017 for online shopping. Macy’s is already using their retail outlets as fulfillments centers, the reality is staring business owners in the face today.

      Iffel gave away a grand prize for a business Mobile website worth $3500, as it values the importance of businesses going Mobile sooner rather than later. Iffel is able to provide solutions in customized responsive websites whereby, new PC websites can be easily converted into Mobile phones, where SEO and Social Media work become centralized. “They all have to work together and you may have one agency doing one thing but you will need one CMO to make sure it all is in sync!” concludes Ms. Dey.

      GloCAL 2014 is already in the planning, with an agenda being release later on this year. With the attendance of New Zealand Trade Commissioner, Duncan Catanach and JETRO Executive Director, Sachiko Fukushima this year, GloCAL 2014 will be targeted to attract more Government Trade Officials and Private business owners who wish to see expansion within the US and Globally. US exporters will be included as part of this forum.

      For more information on this event please contact Marc Rodriguez, VP of Sales and Marketing, Iffel International – marc@iffelinternational.com


      For more information contact Iffel International at sales@iffelinternational.com

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