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      FMP – Strategic Marketing Plans

      Functional Marketing Plan – Step into the World of Strategic Marketing Plans!

      What is FMP?

      FMP is a process mastered, trialed and tested by owner Hema Dey, who has demonstrated excellent sales track records in her career.  What’s her secret? She keeps things simple and factual……

      FMP stands for Functional Marketing Plan which is a process the team at Iffel work through to provide clients with the intelligence on existing and potential customers and most importantly the competition. It provides basic information which assist decision makers and the team at Iffel to prescribe the required marketing approach in order to obtain targeted sales revenue.

      Our strategy is simple: we take a look at the big picture and then create a functional marketing plan that will give you the best industry advice to fit your business needs. Whether you’re looking to re-brand your company image, change creative direction, looking for social media marketing, or needing to create efficiencies with your overhead costs within the business, we evaluate and assess your entire business environment to maximize your business’ growth. We want to see who your competitors are, help you determine a sales and budget forecast, and provide you a customized platform to execute a successful marketing plan.”

      The Plan

      You need a plan with clear goals and objectives…this is the key to your marketing success! Our goal is to remain focused and take you down the best path for optimizing your marketing dollars.

      Execution is 99% of the game plan

      So now you have a strategic marketing plan and if you have worked with us, your winning Functioning Marketing Plan (FMP). A plan is worthless if not executed, execution is 99% of the game. The only way to achieve this is with a structured action plan, with deadlines and assigned responsibilities. Iffel drives action plans through functional project management techniques. Our cloud based project management software enables clients to participate with our team, have full visibility on project milestones and deadlines. All project files and updates are centralized and kept confidential.

      Even if you already have an existing marketing plan and need support, we are available for either an a la carte and/or full turnkey marketing management support. We offer a full range of marketing services and offer flexible payment options that are customized to keep you within your company’s budget.

      Measuring Your Progress

      Once you’ve implemented your marketing plan, it’s essential to measure your campaign’s effectiveness. It is important to track the number success indicator, which is SALES. If your business is not a SALES organization, your marketing campaigns are going to remain stagnant or dysfunctional.

      Once there is a detailed review on where your sales come from, you can re-adjust and fine tune any given marketing activity. By implementing the right review methods for your business, your ROI becomes very tangible. At the end of the day, your bottom line profit is what matters.

      Iffel International can help you assess your marketing plan’s progress and help you put the right internal key performance indicators in place.

      Drop us an email at sales@iffelinternational.com to get your 15 minute free phone consult.

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