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      Why is an eCommerce Responsive Website Essential?

      • Posted On: June 09, 2014
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      eCommerce Responsive Website

      In this digital age we live in, functional and attractive websites are essential for any business to survive.  Websites are a significant sales and marketing tool. Websites play an extremely active part in the consumer buying process, that exchange of buying and selling on the internet through a website depicts the term eCommerce.


      Key to this article is understanding and accepting that there a number of ways consumers are accessing the Internet. Believe or not, these days an old fashioned desktop website is not enough.  With different screen sizes, pixel resolutions and Click versus Touch features we need a website where one size fits all. Technology experts have termed this Responsive….a Responsive Website.  It is crucial to have optimal viewing experience across all the platforms used today –desktop, tablets, and smartphones.  Designed using one set of design codes, the entire website will automatically re-adjust to fit all the desktop, smartphone and table.


      So why is a Responsive eCommerce website that is optimized for all 3 so crucial?
      Mobile and Tablet use seeing exponential growth. Online shopping is exponentially growing as is surfing the web on your mobile or tablet.  There are more smartphones in the world today than there are human beings!  Website traffic via mobile, according to Google analytics is 30-40%! People are buying on their smartphones or tablets. So if you don’t make it easy to shop on a mobile device, you may just lose the sale.


      Being Google compliant is mandatory
      Google had 67.6% search market share if not more, but most optimization experts will say, they spend 99% of their day working to structure and work their websites to the rules and tunes dished out by Google. The word from Google is that they prefer responsive websites.
      Responsive designs have one URL and the same design code across devices.  This makes crawl, search and indexing of all the content much more efficient than needing to do it twice If you had two or more URL’s.  SEO (search engine optimization) rankings will have a negative impact if you don’t have a responsive website.


      Conversion Rates will go up when Responsive
      When you have many online shoppers using their smartphones and tablets, conversion rates are obviously going to be higher when the eCommerce site actually works!  The less work to get to the cart and check out equals the more people will convert to a sale.  The trickier it is to navigate and use a less optimized site the more consumers leave dropping conversion probability rates.


      Managing one site versus three
      Not only are customers happier with easier navigation a responsive website permits but it will make internal management happier too.  Separate sites need maintaining and separate SEO campaigns so rather than three it is easier and cheaper to only have one responsive website. It simply centralizes all your optimization work.


      If you want to remain competitive in today’s digital world and want to maintain and grow your market share you will NEED to go responsive if you haven’t already done so.


      One site for all platforms provides a harmonious user- experience that is easy to use. This is essential considering the growth of mobile commerce.  Google being the beast it is and vocally recommending responsive websites should be motivation enough, non-compliance will equal lower search rankings. The time and cost effectiveness of one site versus three speaks for itself.


      So if you are not quite modernized to be competitive in the growing digital age let Iffel International Inc. guide you in getting set up and watch your sales surge!


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