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      Responsive Websites a must have for all businesses. Why?

      • Posted On: June 16, 2013
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      What are the facts?

      A Google study reveals the following

      1. 80% of smartphone owners use their mobile devices to find prices, store hours and directions, product review and information and store sales.
      2. Shoppers are spending on average 25% more, because of the searches done on mobile devices
      3. 7%-10% of desktop users have migrated to mobile devices, making purchasing decisions
      4. 82% of shoppers use mobile devices to search on search engines
      5. 65% of shoppers like to use the online store website on mobile devices as oppose to a mobile app.

      What does this mean?

      Shoppers or buyers, patients or browsers, need you to create them a mobile website which they can BUY and PAY from. It is as simple as that. No one wants to squint, scroll from left to right and right to left, within the first few second, if they have to do all of that, they leave the site, and you loose the sale! Don’t think this just applies to retailers, it impacts, medical professionals, attorneys, CPA’s, hotels, motels, electronics etc. The world is changing and if you have something to sell, you need a mobile website. So what’s a responsive website?


      Just a few months back, eMerchants and retailers were subject to creating a desktop site and mobile site independently, paying for two websites essentially. Of recent times, responsive websites create efficiencies whereby one design, one set-up enables a website to be desktop and mobile device savvy, meaning it will change in size to fit the smartphone and tablet magically!. “The dimensions for the different screen sizes automatically change to suit, this is important because it creates a far greater shopping experience, no more squinting and scrolling, people love this!” says Hema Dey, CEO and Founder of Iffel International.

      Iffel’s customized responsive websites are created with several key online marketing tools in tandem, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media, Email Marketing and Social Commerce. “There are many build your own sites out there preaching responsive websites, remember the issue is not just having a responsive website but optimizing it to be a strong sales tool for the business’ continues, Ms. Dey, who has been and still is Head of Sales for a number of Domestic and International companies. Anyone can design the site, Iffel makes it a point to turn the site into a sales organization.

      Our customized responsive websites come with a full online credit card payment evaluation, savings where possible and all round site management, for a minimal monthly hosting fee. “Our audits have proven successful and not only do we take your sales seriously we review all facet’s of profit, optimizing costs where possible” continues Ms. Dey. And if fulfillment is an issue, we can help too! Nothing worse than creating sales and not being able to deliver to the buyer on time.

      Point of Sale (POS)

      Shoppers have created a point of sale (POS) revolution with mobile devices. As an internet marketing service provider, Iffel have solutions to customize responsive websites for eCommerce and standard businesses. “The design and layout of the site has to be focused on sales, making it sales savvy is the challenge” says Ms. Dey. Key here is to capture the shopper or decision maker, where the purchasing decision is made instantaneously. Shoppers are impatient these days because technology has made it that much faster to gather, consider and conclude on any given search. Businesses which can use a mobile device as a POS (point of sale) include:

      1. eCommerce
      2. Professionals, CPA’s Attorneys, Doctors, Dentist, Vets,
      3. Restaurants, Hotels and Motels
      4. Retail outlets, Salons, Spas and recreational centers
      5. Pet stores, Pet Adoption Centers
      6. Fashion / Garment retailers and manufacturers
      7. Interior Design sites
      8. Electronics and components
      9. Automotive Industry
      10. Insurance brokers
      11. Others

      At the end of the day, every single business will require a responsive website. “My parting words will be, stop dreaming, get functional and don’t fight the change, move with the change, as this is where business is today” Ms. Dey concludes. For more information contact Team Iffel at sales@iffelinternational.com.


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