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      Is your Website Missing These Factors?! Are you losing business to your competitors?

      • Posted On: April 01, 2013
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      Everyone says’ mobile websites are the next big thing, but is this really true? In a study done by MoFuse a visitor will average 3 page views on a mobile website, a rise from 2012 on 2.51 visits in 2012. Projections are estimated to rise to 5 to 10 visits at the end of 2013.

      What the heck does all this stat stuff mean? It means that more people are visiting your website with their mobile phones. Why? A cell phone is a guy’s best friend, a girl’s favorite accessory and your ticket to getting some new leads!

      Why Does Your Company Need a Mobile Website Designer?

      If your customer is looking for your website on their phone and they can’t read it or they are trying to zoom in and out of your site for the information, then it’s likely they will leave. Patience is a virtue, but not many people have it anymore. Studies have shown people want things now and as of yesterday, no mobile site means that there are no mobile visits.

      What is a mobile website designer going to do for your company? Well look at it this way. A design may look great, but that’s all it is. You want your company to have something that will pop and drive in the calls and leads. Why would you just have something that looks pretty? That’s like having a Ferrari without an engine. You need a mobile site that will drive business. How does a mobile website designer influence how your customers buy or call?

      1. Creating a funnel methodology: At Iffel we don’t just create a site. We have a complete methodology to our amazing work. Our team of analysts look at your site and use human psychology to get those customers to call you.

      2. Creative Design and calls to action: Using the first step, our team of designers will create calls to actions using design psychology.

      Now you have a Ferrari with an engine. *vroom *vroom! Do you need more info on how to get your hands on a Ferrari mobile website and a team of mobile website designers without breaking your bank? Call us for a FREE 15 minute consultation. (855) 433-3522 or click the contact us button below: …Your Marketing Department is waiting…

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