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      Get Global 2019 – Join Us!

      • Posted On: September 16, 2019
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: iffelinternational

      Get Global Long Beach 2019

      November 5-7, Long Beach Convention Center

      GetGlobal is hosting the pre-eminent global business conference in the US. Thrive in Foreign Markets is the largest summit in North America for International Business Strategy, Expansion, and Key Foreign Markets. Join us November 5-7 at the Long Beach Convention Center for a conference designed to fuel international growth. Network and connect with more than 150 speakers, 100 global sponsors, and 1000 senior business executives, innovators, and influencers from 15+ industries ranging from tech and e-commerce to renewables and entertainment.

      Expanding internationally can help you diversify and find new opportunities in fast-growing markets. Planning and advice are critical components of succeeding internationally, and there will be a plethora of both at this year’s GetGlobal summit.

      GetGlobal’s network of international business executives, industry experts, leaders and innovators reads like a Who’s Who from the Fortune 500 to Fast Company’s Hot 200. They come to GetGlobal each year, to share their experience and key factors of their success.

      There are three exciting ways to become a sponsor: you can be a speaker, host a booth in our exhibition space, or organize a 50-minute workshop session. As a speaker you will join an impressive roster of CEOs, doctors, technology innovators, and business leaders. As a host you’ll have the opportunity to network and showcase your expertise to all attendees. As a workshop organizer, you can join an impressive list of interesting roundtable discussions and lectures on topics ranging from macro-topics like the global economic outlook and trade-disputes to specific issues like artificial intelligence in supply-chain management. Built into each day of the summit are networking breaks to give every sponsor and attendee a chance to interact.  

      Taking your brand overseas can be appealing, especially in terms of profit expansion and growth. However, the international expansion journey can be overwhelming and risky if the proper steps aren’t taken before expansion. Every business will need to develop an individualized expansion plan based on the unique characteristics of the company. However, there are four general steps to prepare for international expansion. These include, assessing your readiness, selecting your markets, planning your entry, and considering your financing needs.  GetGlobal’s summit is the ideal place to network with industry experts who can offer advice for every step of preparation and tips on how to successfully expand your business internationally.

      The GetGlobal team brings together a unique and dynamic mix of global business executives, industry experts, governmental and NGO resources and global business partners to provide the networking and tools for international business growth. These experts will focus on tools, resources, and partnerships to successfully expand into foreign markets.

      GetGlobal is the premier live event and media platform for companies and growth-minded executives to gather the intelligence and relationships necessary for bold international success. This is the third annual conference hosted by GetGlobal. Previous year’s sponsors and attendees have formed successful mentorships and partnerships across a wide-breadth of businesses and industries.

      Through the exploration of culture, politics, technology, and economics, GetGlobal illuminates the key trends that internationally engaged leaders must know and understand to thrive in foreign markets. You have your questions – GetGlobal has the people with the answers. Whether you are an industry leader looking to share your expertise and partner with new companies to further your expansion, or you’re a business leader looking to begin your overseas expansion, GetGlobal’s Thrive in Foreign Markets summit is the place to be. For more information or to register, visit GetGlobal’s website. For more information on how to leverage contacts and work the show best – contact Team Iffel HERE

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