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      Could a Lack of SEO Results Be Your Fault?

      • Posted On: April 02, 2022
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: iffelinternational

      Best Search Engine Optimization Results

      At Iffel International, we get plenty of clients who are skeptical of SEO and hesitant to give SEO2Sales a try. Many of them have been burnt by SEO marketing agencies who promised them traffic that would magically turn into leads and sales. Instead of getting a business boost, though, they sank thousands of dollars into getting ranked on Google without having any tangible results to show for it. Believe it or not, the problem may not be with the agency they selected (or not entirely, anyway).

      There’s a reason even SEO that gets you first-page results may not translate into profits for your business. That’s because SEO alone is a tool, not a goal. Here’s the bottom line on why SEO goes wrong and how it can be fixed.

      Too Much “How” and Not Enough “Why”

      The market is full of people who advertise their SEO expertise and are more than happy to help your business improve its rankings on Google. In most cases, they can deliver exactly what they claim—they have the technical skills to increase your website’s visibility in internet searches. The problem comes in when those skills in isolation are all they have to offer.

      To be effective, SEO has to be part of a larger marketing and business plan with well-defined objectives. It’s not enough to bring traffic to your website if you aren’t clear on what you want your visitors to do and what you’re trying to sell them when they get there. Many of the SEO technicians who can generate internet traffic for your business come from corporate backgrounds where those objectives were determined by specialists in other departments—and they don’t have the skills to create that essential component of your strategy. Without a “why” guiding your actions, the “how” is meaningless. You can easily end up throwing money away on SEO that doesn’t bring in a single new paying customer.

      The Missing Piece

      If you’re a business owner who’s had a bad SEO experience in the past and wants to understand what went wrong, start by answering these questions:

      1. Do you have a marketing plan?
      2. Do you have a sales strategy?
      3. Do you know what your competitors are doing?

      If you answered “yes” to all three of these questions, then the lack of results wasn’t your fault.

      If, on the other hand, you answered “no” to any of those questions…well, you have some responsibility for an unsatisfactory outcome here. SEO can be powerful when it is aligned with your strategies and objectives and designed to position you correctly in your market. Without that essential foundation, though, it’s highly unlikely that efforts to increase your online traffic will accomplish anything useful.

      SEO technicians aren’t able to help you analyze the competition, develop a marketing plan, or create a sales strategy. Their method is purely about creating rankings, not determining what you should be ranking for and why. When clients don’t understand the serious limitations in what those technicians provide, the only real result is disappointment.

      The SEO2Sales Difference

      We understand that turning up on the first page of Google results isn’t the real purpose of SEO—increasing sales is. Our SEO2Sales process starts by defining your profit strategy and figuring out what makes your business money. The branding and marketing we develop to target your ideal customer and appeal to the way they think and buy stays laser-focused on that strategy. Critically, building that strategic foundation first means the technical expertise we deploy on your behalf to get your business visible online leads directly to increased sales and quality lead generation.

      Directionless SEO efforts aren’t worth your time or money. Iffel International is ready to show you the difference that SEO2Sales can make for your business. Don’t let the letdowns of the past prevent you from experiencing the success our proven proprietary process has created for countless clients. To find out more how SEO2Sales can increase your profits, contact us here.

      Could a Lack of SEO Results Be Your Fault?
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      Could a Lack of SEO Results Be Your Fault?
      Your investment in SEO is going down the drain. You are fed up and frustrated. Now your SEO technicians are confused and unsure because everything is on page 1 of Google. Find out why this could be your fault! A tough pill to swallow but worth a review so you can make better decisions going forward.
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