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      Artificial Intelligence and Search Engine Optimization

      • Posted On: March 01, 2020
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: iffelinternational

      Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest trends in digital marketing today. Using Artificial intelligence (AI) for SEO success not only gives you a greater opportunity to enhance your page rankings, but it also allows you to develop more cohesive strategies and better content.[i] AI is a critical part of Iffel International’s SEO2Sales strategy.

      Not all SEO is the same. Getting your website to the top of Google is important, but it’s not enough. Ranking simply helps make your business visible. Once a potential customer finds and clicks on your website, what will they find? Iffel International offers a fully integrated service that connects the dots between SEO and SALES. With Iffel’s unique SEO2Sales method as your guide, your website will perform as both a sales agent and lead funnel; your business will expand and profits will increase.

      Iffel will connect the dots by integrating our Fractional CMO’s knowledge with SEO2SALES techniques to provide solutions based on profitable sales analysis. In short, we’ll not only make your website visible, but we’ll make it efficient and effective at generating sales. We understand that today’s consumer is looking for a truly engaging website experience. At Iffel we understand customers, and will design messaging and tailor online experiences to engage with them.

      The use of artificial intelligence on websites can activate emotion and demonstrate empathy as a way of engaging customers. A new study, written up in the article “B2B Insights Deep Dive: Use AI to Drive Engagement,” by Forrester analysts Allison Snow and Emily Miller found that it takes, on average, five or more nurturing interactions before sales qualifies a marketing lead as being ready to pursue.[ii] That same study found that businesses that combine AI with human insights experience a 66% boost in productivity, a 61% increase customer satisfaction, and 68% greater operational efficiency. Utilized well, AI can create practical value for sales teams by automating, augmenting and supercharging the way they work.

      AI can boost sales by analyzing large data sets to better understand how potential buyer’s make decisions. It removes the guesswork by studying customer profiles and buying patterns to help your business spot the very best leads. AI can consider a variety of customer traits (like location, company size, industry) as well as behaviors (like which page of your website they spent the most time on and which piece of content they downloaded from your blog). Using AI, as part of our SEO2Sales strategy, creates more opportunities to reach audiences. At Iffel, we take control of these opportunities and incorporate them into an effective SEO2Sales strategy.

      Of course, the incorporation of AI is not the path to full automation. At Iffel International we use AI as just one of the many tools at our disposal in part of our SEO2Sales process. Our implementation team consists of a CMO, content specialist, SEO geeks, social media/YouTube ninjas and a video production crew, all of whom take a holistic and individualized approach for the unique characteristics of your business.

      In the era of AI-powered SEO, utilizing it for sales is now a necessary and crucial element of an overall SEO strategy. At Iffel we use AI to effectively optimize your keywords with an understanding of cluster and predictive analytics and leverage the power of customer interactions to optimize sales. Let the experts at Iffel International harness artificial intelligence to boost the goals of your business’s website.

      [i] https://www.searchenginejournal.com/atomic-reach-ai-seo-success-2019/304093/

      [ii] https://www.forrester.com/report/B2B+Insights+Deep+Dive+Use+AI+To+Drive+Engagement/-/E-RES149717

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