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      2020: The Year of Voice Search

      • Posted On: March 04, 2020
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: iffelinternational

      Mobile Marketing and Voice Search

      We are experiencing a voice search revolution with almost every generation welcoming voice search with open arms. Sales of smart speakers and voice-enabled devices are skyrocketing. More than 50% of households will own a smart speaker device within the next two years. Already, 65% of 25-49-year-olds speak to their voice-enabled devices at least once per day.[i] The concept of voice search started with smartphones then quickly escalated to smart speakers and voice assistants worldwide.

      Every second, Google, the number 1 search engine, processes 40,000 voice search queries all across the globe. With the nearly quantum rise in voice search that is forecast, it is critical that we create content that is optimized for it.

      Why do People use Voice Search?

      Voice search is Faster and Easier than text searches. Voice text is conveniently hands-free, which is why 42% of people report using voice search while driving. With the advent of personal voice assistants, we can perform voice searches without even touching our phones. This means if our hands are full, say with children and groceries, or our hands are dirty because we’re in the middle of baking for example, we can still ask Siri, Alexa, or any of the other voice assistants all our questions.

      Voice search is also Accurate and Convenient. When was the last time you were very far from your smartphone? If you’re like most Americans, your smartphone is at your side constantly, which makes it easy to turn to anytime a question pops into your head. About 56% of voice searches are made from the convenience of smartphones.

      How should Voice Search change my SEO2Sales Strategy?

      Voice Search vs. Traditional Searches

      The biggest difference between voice search and traditional text searches is the type of words used. When conversing with a smart device, we typically ask a whole question rather than typing in a couple of keywords like one often does with a text search. Therefore, the length of the keywords becomes critical, with our voice search being longer and more conversational. Additionally, filler words, such as “the, of, on, to, and for,” increase in importance as well as question words such as “who, what, when, where, why, and how,” because searches are no longer just a string of keywords, but often rather complete sentences.

      Include Long-Tail Keywords

      Searches through voice recognition are much longer, descriptive and have a tone of natural human conversation. Therefore, we should incorporate the use of long-tail keywords or three to four-word phrases that are extremely specific to our product or service into our SEO2Sales strategy.

      Optimize Data for Local SEO

      Voice searches are three times more likely to be about local amenities, businesses, attractions, and activities. For example, the phrase “near me” is very popular in voice searches. This means that a successful SEO2Sales strategy should focus on enhancing localized search engine optimization. Furthermore, microdata and subheadings within your content can be used to provide a clearer picture of your business.

      Be Mobile-Friendly

      Since more than half of voice searches are made on a mobile device, websites must be mobile-friendly. A responsive website that eliminates structural mobile errors should also ensure that business listing information is easy to find. Additionally, the speed of page loading is critical. A person who uses voice search is likely to be in a hurry, so speed optimization is really important.

      These are just a few tips to ensure your website is prepared for the voice search revolution currently underway. The team at Iffel International is ready to work with you to maximize your SEO2Sales with an individualized strategy to ensure your business is keeping up with digital trends. We will help you optimize your potential for sales via voice search to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.

      [i] https://www.dialogtech.com/blog/voice-search-statistics/

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