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      Why You Need A Social Media Marketing Company: Why Managing Your Social Media Alone Can Kill Your Productivity

      • Posted On: March 18, 2013
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      Everyone says that you have to have social media in order to boost your business. Every demographic available out there shows that there has been a substantial increase in the usage of social media of almost every age group. The chart below, from MarketingCharts.com, 2013 shows the increase of social media users using social media.

      Social Media Usage Chart

      Social Media Users by Age and Year


      So Why Haven’t You Started Using Social Media?

      Your pet got sick and you had to take them to the vet, you have production to manage, etc. etc. The list is never ending. Why? This is an additional thing you have to manage in your day-to-day task of running your business.

      Additionally, you will have to do on average 20 to 25 hours per week of research; yes that’s right 20 to 25 HOURS!! Of pure research on what is happening, who said what, who did what, how, why, when, etc. etc.

      If this already seems scary then you haven’t heard the last of it.

      Having untargeted and un-interesting “noise” will simply turn off people from your social media. That’s right, studies have shown that having too much “noise” or too little “noise” will have people unlike or un-follow your social media.

      So Why Use a Social Media Marketing Company?

      A really true social media marketing company will do everything your business truly needs to come alive on the social media networks. Not just the posts, but all of the marketing campaign designs, research (yes all 25 hours/week of it) and more! This will save you time and money simply because you’re now free to worry about your production.

      Remember there is absolutely no cookie cutter formula out there. You can’t simply post things because you want to. Every business is different and even if your competition is doing it, doesn’t mean you should. Why? Because you don’t want to copy someone’s idea, you want to have something that is truly original, that’s what a true social media marketing company will do!

      Which Social Media Marketing Company Do You Use?

      We’re glad you asked! You use the one company that prides itself on being Your Marketing Department! You call Iffel (855) 433-3522 or Click that Green Button Below…Your Marketing Department is waiting…

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