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      Why Hire an Online Advertising Agency?

      • Posted On: May 07, 2013
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      Consider swimming in a pool versus in the big blue ocean. It is nice to have a few ads out there to help generate revenues, which is like swimming in the pool.  The online advertising world has become that big blue ocean, and you have to learn how to swim in it.

      Why is it so important that business doesn’t only rely solely on SEO and social media for generating revenues? A lot of companies think that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media are free, this is a common misconception, because these two methods of internet marketing still cost money and require time.

      As a two prong strategy, in order to generate revenues a business should have an online advertising campaign in parallel with the SEO and social media marketing. The online ad campaign will ensure that the business is still maintaining a steady revenue stream while waiting for ranking results and social media traction.

       Does Online Advertising give poor returns?

      This is true and false all at the same time. You may consider it a logical fallacy, but if you take online advertising into comparison, then there are methods to generate good returns. Yes, SEO and Social Media do seem to give great returns because people are either searching for your offer or they are also engaged in what your business is saying. Based on the methodology that is being used for your online ad campaign and channels returns can be maximized. We will be discussing how to maximize your online advertising R.O.I. in a different article.

      What has to be considered fully is your strategy for online advertising?

      A few simple tips would be to:

      1. Create great landing pages: A great landing page will allow for a higher conversion ratio, thus increasing your R.O.I..
      2. Channels or methods of online advertising: There seems to be a multitude of ever growing channels and terminologies for online advertising. Consider your business space online and then plan a strategy around them. Here are some forms of channels to consider:
        1. Google Pay-Per-Click: This can become extremely expensive if your business is just starting out. There is an art of ad copy writing. Great Ad copy writers know how to fully interrupt a train of thought and capture the audiences attention within a short few words.
        2. Google Image Ads: These are banner ads the Google has available. Yes, these will once again not only require a very solid cash flow, but also an amazing graphics designer. Why? A picture says a thousand words, saying the wrong thousand words will send visitors running away in terror.
        3. Pay-Per-Sale: Pay-Per-Sale works great if your product is global and you truly have the right advertising agency managing this. Once again there is a lot of depth to this that will be discussed later.
        4. Pay-Per-Impression: Impression ads are great, but they are available at a smaller rate, yet there is no guarantee that you will even get a click.

      The above online advertising methods are just a handful of what is newly emerging in the market. This article was just to get your feet somewhat wet, in the ocean of online advertising. Professional advertising agencies have a solid grip on this information and truly understand all the different elements involved in online ad campaigns. They have the team and the understanding to structure out an entire campaign, monitor and improve your performance. Doing this on your own will not only take time away from your core business, but also could cost you thousands in poor ads being run.

      How should you structure your Internet Marketing?

      It is very important to be dynamic. We highly recommend you utilize all forms of marketing that are available for your market sector. A FMP will empower you to be strategic with your internet marketing strategy. Many times this is why companies hire an Internet Marketing Agency or Online Advertising Agency.

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