Mobile Application Developer Missing Factors: What you need to have from your Mobile Application Developer in Order Succeed!

March 7, 2013
Hema Dey

Is your Mobile Application Missing one of These Factors: What you need to have from your Mobile Application Developer in Order to  Succeed!

Mobile application developers are everywhere. Apps are truly becoming a big deal. Businesses are driving huge revenue streams from having mobile applications. Many times, its’ becoming a competitive thing. If a business doesn’t jump on the mobile application boat their competition will and they will begin to capture a good chunk of market share. The difficulty of the situation is that finding a quality mobile application developer can be tough. You’re not just going to go find someone down the street? You’re not just going to trust someone with your potential multi-million dollar idea are you? Here is what you have to do in order to really be successful at mobile applications.

1. Find a quality mobile application developer. Why do you want to have a local company vs. a single guy? Lets face it that one guy may or may not have all of the time in the world to research, analyze and develop your application. He/she has overhead expenses too and the person really might have to work on several projects at a time.

2. Market Research. Most of your mobile application developers will know what is going on in the market. Yes, you have to go around and really check and do your due diligence to see the demographics for mobile applications.

3. Determine what type of application you want to have made. Lets face it without knowing what you want to have developed you will just be really spinning your wheels. Here are some key things that you have to really go over. Your programmer will know what the best solution for you will be. Here are some examples of different mobile applications:

• Games
• Business Branding Apps
• Social Media Networking
• Location-Based Services
• Video Solutions
• Coupon Code Applications
• Barcode Scanning Applications
• Business Productivity Applications
• Enterprise Solution
• Etc.

4. What is the purpose of the application? Are you… a. Trying to bring brand awareness? b. Generate Revenues? c. Just make something fun?

5. Is your application free or Paid?

6. What platform do you want to host your application on? Yes, this is critical! You can’t make something without knowing what it will be used on. You won’t make a car if you want it to go in the ocean.

7. If you want to have a qualified mobile application developer, then you want to contact Iffel International. We don’t just have one person, we have a team of individuals to truly look at your project, research and analyze what you are trying to accomplish. Contact us today for a Free no obligation 1 hour consultation.


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