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      • Posted On: May 11, 2013
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      With technology and marketing evolving, Iffel International launched their mobile website 2 weeks ago. ” The importance of mobile technology today is critical, 70% of desktop user have migrated to smartphones and/or tablets for browsing and purchasing” says Hema Dey, CEO of Iffel International Inc. Iffel has adopted new technology, competitively priced, for B2B and B2C companies to take on mobile technology, by revamping a new desktop website which converts automatically to a mobile website. “There is no need to have multiple projects to get your desktop website and mobile website done independently, we can do this for eCommerce sites as well” continues Ms.Dey.

      Mobile websites generated about $8 Bill in sales revenue in the USA alone in 2012. Businesses have to re-think their point of sale as being the mobile device, with a mobile website designer and be very careful not to get sucked into the generation story about how some older folks are not using mobile phones yet. There are grandmothers who are in the 70’s using smartphones to purchase because they can. “My parents are hooked on their tablets and do all their research for products on there and they are in their 70’s”  says Ms. Dey. Mobile devices consist of smartphones and tablets, the Samsung Galaxy or iPad fall into this category. The “App” store seems to be attracting the older generation as well, for more educational, news based apps where links to online advertising thrive on creating awareness and education the older generation on whats out there. The obvious next step is to work on a mobile application.

      The prediction is by 2017, mobile commerce will be at the $370 Bill. The infrastructure for your business has to begin now with a mobile website designer. The technology will evolve and it is healthy to update and renew your website every 1 to 2 years. If you have had your website for over 2 years, it really is time to get a refreshed site, and work with a qualified mobile website designer like Iffel. You need something that looks relevant to todays market and with Iffel you can get the site compatible on all desktop and mobile devices, in one go. Iffel’s technology also creates compatibility right across different platforms e.g. iPhone, Android, etc. “I highly encourage businesses to at least check-in with Iffel before proceeding with their next generation web development project” comments Ms. Dey again.

      For more information, email Marc at sales@iffelinternational.com.  Iffel has very competitive packaged deals, for businesses who want to get up to speed with this new technology advancement. All websites design and built by Iffel are Custom Solutions, SEO ready and Social Media savvy. Get trusted advice first before proceeding with your next website project.

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