Ecommerce Fulfillment is a Critical Part of Selling on the Internet

July 9, 2013
Hema Dey

Inventors, manufacturers, traders –  love the idea of selling on the internet, some call it eCommerce. A typical project would involve a big push to get the website live, product pricing sorted and now the first sale occurs. Panic kicks in because no one knows how to ship it out to the buyer! This scenario may come to you as a WHAT??? How is this possible? You will be surprised how difficult it can be for some businesses to get this right, attention to detail is key. eCommerce fulfillment is an investment that has to be made right from the get go. At Iffel we map this out at the FMP stage (Functional Marketing Planning) because it ties in with the sales strategy. The experience has to be top notch from the get go and if the eCommerce site is optimize but the delivery of goods is “crap” – well the sales model is simply dead. Buyers have the option of canceling the order or simply not returning to the site for more. This is where 3PL’s who work with Iffel are a critical part of the equation, Iffel creates the sales and the 3PL not only warehouses inventory but ensures delivery of goods to the buyer. Picking and packing for eCommerce sales orders requires serious attention to detail and a methodical process.

So how do you know if your eCommerce fulfillment program is doing well for you? Firstly, have you checked to see if you have repeat customers? Have your orders shipped on time? Have many arrived damaged? Were the orders handled promptly or were there many hassles? Was the inventory easily trackable online? Do you have online access to your inventory? Are the SKU’s in order? There are many audit questions that can be asked but these are some key ones and if the answers are NO, you have a problem. Iffel is able to assess some of these requirements for eCommerce fulfillment, if you want an independent party to audit your facility, we can do just that and provide areas needing improvement.

Last but not least, eCommerce is growing 10% year on year in the US market alone. The need to get eCommerce fulfillment right is mandatory because the demand for purchases on the internet is predicted to be $317BILL in 2017. With mCommerce (mobile commerce) becoming the number one point of sale device, as a business owner, getting the eCommerce fulfillment experience right has to be a priority. Iffel International is able to design eCommerce websites which are responsive – meaning they automatically talk with desktops and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Our SEO and Social Media team are savvy in creating interest and rank on major search engines. Let us drive your business into an eCommerce revenue generator with a complete eCommerce fulfillment service.

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