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      Why Rent a CMO?

      • Posted On: April 22, 2016
      • Category: International Marketing
      • Posted By: admin

      Most manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers have various functional teams set in place from research and development, production / manufacturing, quality control, accounting, sales but many don’t have a marketing department. Many business owners assume that sales is marketing and it all should just blend in to reduce overheads. Many of you reading this will be shaking your head and those in sales will be saying, yes and I can’t do both!

      Sales and Marketing have to function in tandem and this could be an “aha” moment where you might think sales is independent of marketing but sales is actually a subset and a deliverable from a marketing plan.  So CEO’s if you have tasked your sales team to set a marketing plan, you have just set them up to fail. But we totally understand why you would be doing this, to keep your overhead structure low as marketing executives come at a hefty price tag. So instead of hiring one why not rent a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), better still one that has a marketing department ready to go for all your marketing projects.

      The benefits in doing so are remarkable. Most CMO’s would have had corporate experience, so they aren’t green or beginners trying to put themselves in big shoes. Most of them would have had 20+ years experience in various roles from customer services, sales, business development, setting up a marketing department and running sales teams. They tend to versatile and apply marketing theory to any type of business understanding. So you are getting senior, experienced go getters who are able to come into your business, work with your sales and management team, relieving CEO’s and CFO’s of the implementation stage of a business plan.

      Many CEO’s would have great plans but we all know execution is 99% of the game plan. A CMO can step in and take control, monitor and make sure the implementation process goes well. As an external consultant in the organizational development program, renting a CMO will have a net overall savings in resource overheads in comparison to hiring one. In California, you won’t have to pay any employer taxes, workers comp insurance or any of the benefits that most senior marketing executives demand. It is a 1099 contractual agreement, with no commitment to hire. If it works great if it does not work, you don’t have to go through Human Resources to get rid of them, the terms of the contract suffice. If you get an effective CMO, it should show in various performance indicators such as sales, social media, traffic to your website, Google AdWords click-through-rate (CTR) performance and much more.

      Renting a CMO at Iffel International is awesome. Not only do you get a senior level CMO for rent, Iffel has a fully integrated marketing department offering supervised support in implementing various aspects of marketing. This includes, website design and development, graphic design, branding, blogging, social media, Google AdWords management, Facebook Advertising and much more. They key here is to monitor growth and the only to measure this is to work with the sales team. Any CMO that refuses to work with the sales team or sales director should not be appointed!

      How do you know if you need to rent a CMO? Simple. If you are a business owner, CEO or CFO you will be monitoring your financials closely. If the revenue line looks like it is on a decline or has been showing no signs of growth, this should trigger your options for a CMO. If your branding and communication is not getting done regularly or not done right, you will need a CMO as well. Online marketing is a key component of marketing today and if the CMO is unable to prescribe solutions, through an integrated approach, this should be red flag during the selection process. At the end of the day, if you are the ideas person and have goals but cannot implement them, your best bet is to partner up with a CMO who can get things done.

      Hema Dey, is the world’s top performing CMO and she has a proven track record in both domestic and international work. She understand sales and she understands marketing. She is able to apply traditional marketing with modern online marketing. She is currently open to meeting with the following types of businesses:

      1. Attorney offices
      2. Medical facilities
      3. Manufacturers
      4. Distributors
      5. Exporters of US brands

      For more information contact Iffel International at: sales@iffelinternational.com

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