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      SEO Misconceptions

      • Posted On: May 14, 2018
      • Category: CMO Tips
      • Posted By: admin


      SEO Misconceptions are real to many business owners, but they don’t realize this, their competitors are ahead of the game plan and getting more sales.

      Are you getting people to view your website and are they taking the time to contact you? Are you on the first page of Google for any of your major keyword searches? Is your website fed content each and every month? If you aren’t sure or answered no to the above, it simply means that your SEO (search engine strategy) is shot!

      Did you know that SEO is a constantly evolving need, just like your car requires gasoline to function on the freeway? Your strategy needs to go hand in hand with your branding, communication and sales strategy and if you don’t do this, well…..there is little change of success. Don’t panic but the fundamentals of SEO have been the same for many years but the rules have changed by the powers to be at Google and the key here is to keep up with the updates and new technology advancements, and if you cannot do this, well get someone to do it for you – like our SEO geeks at Iffel International.

      SEO is NOT a myth or some black art

      SEO is very real and it is perhaps the science and engineering function of marketing outside of coding and development of websites, mobile apps and software. White hat SEO is a vital for all websites but it has to be done in concert with your overall strategy for the business. Separating out its function will be detrimental to getting any form of ROI on your marketing dollars.

      Google penalties are real

      Just like you make mistakes and break the law on the freeway, you get tickets and penalties from Google for not being compliant. For example as of 1 April 2018 all websites have to Mobile optimized. If you aren’t mobile optimized, the search engine will simply not crawl your site as a matter of priority. By July 2018 if you don’t have a SSL certificate integrated RIGHT with your website and tested on all browsers, well, your site will show as NOT SECURE.

      Start buying backlinks and doing black hat SEO and you will be de-ranked so fast climbing up the ranks is going to be tough. Duplicate and copying/plagiarizing content will also see your website off radar.

      Keywords – its bullshit

      Some think keywords are the only ranking factor but the truth is it is only one of the 200 factors that contribute to Google rankings. Please stop pretending to know it all and start listening to the experts who aren’t the rule makers but are the messengers who study algorithms and SEO daily, watching every move that Google makes.

      Good SEO is only required ONCE – NOT!

      If this is how you want to think, go for it! Might make you feel good but your competitors are going to be getting the leads. This is the biggest faux pas anyone can make during website maintenance and management and most importantly SEO. Search engines need change, adaptation and compliance with changing times. Google is always introducing new algorithms, it is vital to have an ongoing strategy and ongoing focus on how to combat these updates, but also to combat your competitors.

      The best thing right now for any business owner is to understand what position you hold on SEO against leads generated. If you aren’t getting any leads, your SEO strategy is shot! If you are not ranked on the first page of Google for specific keywords your business is known for, your SEO strategy is shot! If you are ranked on the first page on a porn website and this is not your business, your SEO strategy is shot!

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