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      Law Firm Marketing

      • Posted On: February 06, 2018
      • Category: CMO Tips
      • Posted By: admin

      Iffel News

      Most attorneys are great at what they do, practicing law! However when it comes to marketing and business development, they need the right folks on the team. Iffel International Inc. has been assisting law firms for years and we have created a dedicated division now that prescribes technological solutions that are both marketing and business development focused for law firms. We have worked with many law firms who have paid thousands of dollars to huge marketing engines like Findlaw but have had little to no results with new leads or growth for their law firm.

      This is where we thrive, we parachute in with solutions that are hands on and customized for law firms. We provide a sales strategy based on dissecting what your competitors are up to, what services are cash cows and high margin retainers – all in tandem with your budget! We get realistic and we weigh up your options with you.

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