Iffel Launches Another International Client’s Website

  • Posted On: February 06, 2013
  • Category: General Marketing Info
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In addition to Iffel International’s domestic business in Southern California, Iffel has been diligently working with international manufacturers to offer a full-range of export marketing services. Just last week, a GEN-2 website was launched for Bowron Sheepskins, a 133 year old tannery in Christchurch, New Zealand. The website was developed alongside a “brand refresh” campaign, which included a very focused set of keywords research and communications program.

“Our focus has been understanding the target customer for Bowron and shaping the unique value that Bowron offers to the world market,” says Hema Dey, President of Iffel International. She carries on to say that, “Bowron faces the challenge of competing products which are manufactured for less in countries like China, and our challenge was in creating awareness on the differences that the household consumer gets with a genuine, natural product from New Zealand”.

Much of what Iffel has done for Bowron (for almost 3 years now), has focused on spending time understanding its customers and changes within the economic environment. The formulation and ongoing monitoring of Bowron’s FMP™ was pivotal in piecing the GEN-2 strategy together. Iffel has been active in driving and implementing strategies for the USA market for Bowron. “With changes in raw material pricing with increases of 50%-65%, we had to pro-actively react to the market and handle communications with Bowron’s customers in the USA,” says Hema again. Iffel continues to be Bowron’s global base and will continue to be advocates for Bowron and its customers here in the Americas.

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