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      Mobile Apps

      We are the creators of the creators. We excel and also make you excel.

      Smartphones have changed people around the world and made them look it at communication in a different dimension. On an average, a Smartphone user spends nearly 672 minutes a month using apps. iPhone and Android users play around 15 to 18 apps on an average, and Windows users use 8 to 10 apps on an average.

      We are unique. So, we follow a unique approach….

      At Iffel, we design highly-creative iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps for clients of various grades – small business to large enterprises. Our designers and developers always love to be proactive. That’s why we are the best people-house in the United States. Our app development process is segmented in to four major modules

      Discovery and branding:

      Our strategist plays a vital role in understanding the client’s requirements. We research everything, from your competitors to the targeted market and aim to start with the best methodology that suits the development of the product. Branding is crucial as the brand speaks a lot about the product. We identify the unique elements of your brand to make sure that the end product works on your brand’s popularity.

      Prototyping with user experience:

      We want our clients to be satisfied. So, we design wireframes and prototypes and send it for client’s approval. It helps the client have a clear picture of the application being developed. The process also allows clients to have a clear insight on the app’s user experience.

      Development and user interface testing:

      The process in which the app gets its full body. After the approval of wireframes and the prototypes, the development of the core product starts. In this stage, our creative and intuitive developers pour in their technical and designing skills to give the product a better shape and finish. After the development, the user interface is tested to ensure it meet the client’s requirements.

      Polishing and Optimization:

      At Iffel, we not only develop the product, but also help in later stages of improvement based on the customer’s feedback from the respective stores. We also polish the apps according to the period keep the app fresh and updated.

      Our apps are unique from other apps in the market, thanks our use of outstanding designs and functionalities. Our team is passionate enough to design apps that bring in repeated users.

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