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      iOS Applications

      iPhone | iPad – the gadgets that make their owner feel royal in the crowd of Android-powered gadgets. Since the start of our mobile apps development wing, the iOS app development service has been our pride and has made us the top premier app development company among the leading enterprises. We have been on the hike as we do both the design and development phases altogether. Some of the best apps in the iOS store are from the house of Iffel.

      HOW we develop iOS Applications?

      We turn even your small idea into the best and most creative app in the market. Our team of quality and professional developers is obsessed with building great apps, and this drives them back to build more apps to meet the requirements of every single client. Our development crew has a group of strategists, architects, designers and app developers to make sure that the end product is developed with the utmost functionality and creative features.

      Quick facts about iOS apps:

      The Apple’s App Store has more than 1.2 million apps, of which nearly 25% are games and entertainment apps. 62% of the App Store apps are paid whereas the remaining 38% of the apps are available for free download. At the start of the App Store, there were only 500 apps and in later years the numbers increased rapidly. The old apps got a better updates and look while amazingly competitive new apps entered the market.

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