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Some of us hear the word Olive Oil and automatically our taste buds are craving bread, balsamic vinegar and more. Wait till you see the range of Olive Oil products by Olive & Heart.

Who would have imagined a unique olive oil business on its’ very own branded eCommerce website. The founder and owner of Olive and Heart decided this is what was going to happen, engaged with Iffel International after attending a SBA program in the Inland Empire where Hema Dey was speaking about the pros and cons on having a branded eCommerce website versus using a 3rd party like Amazon or eBay. As an importer of quality products, preserving brand equity is important, driving sales with healthy margins is important – hence the birth of this eCommerce platform that is designed for easy shopping and expansion in the USA and International destinations such as Chile, South America.

Olive Oil is a very competitive market sector and the reason this is an interesting is because of the story that comes with it. It isn’t Italian but created in the middle east. The tastes are unique, the textures are different and the overall quality is superior. The website along with its’ social media platforms offer tremendous depth for the owner to create and curate stories, recipes and more.

We help unique businesses with unique products with branded eCommerce websites. We love working with entrepreneurs with creative ideas, a drive and passion to want to succeed through eCommerce solutions. We loved working with Olive and Heart and will continue to support them going forward with business development efforts for both B2B and B2C sales channels.

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