Located in California, the marketing review, research and website project for Superthrive was a very interesting project. The original site was really out dated and the owner decided to engage with Iffel to take the brand and story into a more modern and contemporary website platform. We performed market research work, collecting data from garden centers to understand price positioning, packaging and marketing concepts that were used by competitors. We provided feedback and worked with the marketing team at Superthrive to determine strategy for the new website. Patrisha Thomson previous owner and daughter of the founder was the art director. The team at Superthrive wrote content and the team at Iffel provided a website technology, ready for eCommerce for both domestic and international sales. The distributor and partner GPS locator feature enables the integration of point of sale locations in real time for consumers. The business as whole was thriving and a month after the launch the company website, the business concluded on a huge acquisition. A brilliant product manufactured in the USA and sold internationally.

We support manufacturers in the USA, regardless of location or type of product we are able to custom solutions that provide both a sales platform using the internet and management tools that help managers run the business more effectively. Contact us HERE

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