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      Social Media Advertising

      Online Advertising Specialist

      At Iffel we pride ourselves on functional, cost effective online advertising using Google and social media platforms. At the end of the day, budgets for advertising can be very intimidating and scary for business owners. We tend to have a more pragmatic approach with a sales mindset. There are many avenues to advertise and at the end of the day it is important to spend time on networks that provide the best return on investment.

      Google Advertising

      In today’s search engine and internet world, Google dominates and so a lot of our work is centered and governed around Google. Our process with Google is establishing your set of keywords, not limited to just a handful but benchmarked against your competition, tested in real life based on the number of clicks and how this relates to the number of queries via phone, contact forms. We monitor performance strongly using Google Analytics. The management of bids per keyword is also something we manage, this can dictate the total advertising spend for a business and we take time in making sure the bids are set competitively.

      Social Media Advertising

      We can sit around a talk fluff and get nowhere. Lets face it, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all doing well as social media platforms. The great thing about these sites is that they have a community which we can call in marketing the target audience. So why not design advertisements to attract the right people to your website. This works in tandem with our social media work. Advertising on social media can range from creating for fans (LIKES) to boosting posts or creating more traffic to your website. We customize each campaign with your dollars in mind to ensure you get the best exposure to your target audience by demographic statistics be it, age group, the cities you want to get clients from, jobs, family statistics and much more.

      We are not your typical advertising “agency” but we will hold your hand and ensure that you money is spent wisely as we have been burnt as well with agencies who do not take pride nor care in making sure your marketing dollars work for you. Contact us for further information at sales@iffelinternational.com

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