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      SEO Marketing Agency

      SEO Marketing Agency

      Long Beach and Anaheim, Southern California

      If you are looking for a company who can demonstrate success using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) look no further. We are very selective with the types of companies we work with. We provide white hat SEO services, in line Google requirements for Desktop, Mobile and Map searches.

      The types of businesses who benefit from working with us include:

      1. Attorneys
      2. Management Consultants
      3. CPA’s
      4. eCommerce – B2B companies
      5. eCommerce – B2C companies

      How long does it take?

      If you are looking for quick results, this is simply not an organic process. SEO takes a minimum of 6 months to get established depending on the keywords you are trying rank. You should be committed long term to doing SEO because once you are on page 1 of Google, your able to generate leads without online advertising.

      How much work is involved?

      If you are going to do it yourself, prepare for it to be a full time role plus doing your day job. It is a specialized area which lands itself in the category of technical internet marketing. A good brew of SEO is one that is custom built for your business, in combat with your competition. Keeping up to date with Google changes in itself is a tall order.

      Whats involved?

      Each and every month we will create quality back links, work on fresh content for the site e.g. blogs, videos, images, press releases, daily social media and organize social sharing from your website, on page optimization, off page optimization. Possibly in the initial stages Google Ads, Facebook Ads – all of which is cross referenced with a set of keywords that is analyzed for your business and benchmarked against your key competitors.

      How do you get started?

      If you want to be on the first page of Google and want to work with a professional marketing agency in Southern California, please contact us HERE

      What expectations should you have?

      1. Understand that we are the messenger from Google, and we cater the workload based on our technical understanding on what is needed to be done.
      2. You have to think about content as being KING – so when the topic about blogs come up, you need to be prepared to participate. Participation can be in the form of information gathering, writing of blogs or creation of video blogs. We will guide you but you will have to be part of the process.
      3. Don’t expect an overnight miracle to be ranked, this is where business owners fall flat on their faces. Organic rankings take time, but when done right it can really yield results in inbound leads and ultimately revenue for the business
      4. Be prepared to spend money, SEO professionals who rank companies aren’t going to do it for free. This is a misconception.

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