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Export to the USA: 4PL Service


Iffel’s Definition of a 4PL Service?

You can call us your right hand people in the USA especially for exporters from Australia, New Zealand and the UK. We have a love for exporters from France, Spain and Italy as well. The USA offers great opportunities for various products and services but being far away can make it somewhat difficult at times. Having a trusted advocate and business relationship with Iffel offer various benefits.

With over 300 Million people living in the USA, sales, production, inventory and fulfillment has to be structured both efficiently and at optimal costs. Iffel as a US based 4PL has formed strategic alliances through our GloCAL Advisory Committee, where a group of trusted advisors are able to prescribe solutions in:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Warehousing
  • Fulfillment (Transportation)
  • Legal requirements
  • Taxation requirements
  • Issues regarding freight forwarding
  • Insurance and Protection
  • Others as required

Iffel is your beachhead for all matters pertaining making it a seamless transaction from factory to buyer, where you get to focus on what you do best. Iffel works closely with international government agencies as well as required but for the most part our network of partnerships are part of the private sector. Our mission is in providing service to companies that have unique products and need special attention in gearing up for the USA market. Many companies don’t have any idea where to start or what to do and it can be very daunting.

Our job is to hold your hand right through the process, set you up with trusted advisors to offer you with the optimal way to kick things off and continue with a sustainable establishment. There are several different ways to carve out solutions and with the network of trusted advisors Iffel has, we are certain you won’t be left with many unknowns. The other thing is speed to market, we understand that time is of the essence and our recommendations will be structured around a realistic framework.

For a free initial consult with our 4PL Services consultant, contact us at (855)433-3522 or Click on the “Contact Us Now” button.

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