Lead Generation for Law Firms

Lead Generation for Law Firms

Are you fed up with buying lists that only see you in SPAM jail?

Is your lead generation not working for your law firm?

Our law firm online marketing team has not only the techniques to generate leads for your law firm but also systems to help you track and manage your inbound leads. Because there is so much to share, we have created a separate website dedicated to writing articles for law firms on online marketing and lead generation. We have also included issues around CRM’s and SEO which are so important. Don’t shoot blindly, if in doubt contact us 855 433 3522.

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Iffel International is able to provide quality online marketing services for law firms in both English and Spanish. We select clients whom we can partner with and ultimately grow as an extended marketing team. Our offices are in Long Beach and Anaheim but we service cities like, that in Los Angeles County, Orange County and the Inland Empire. Try us, you will see how different we really are!

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