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      Yesterday’s Websites Don’t Cut It in Today’s Mobile World

      • Posted On: May 22, 2014
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: admin

      Cisco reported last week that mobile data traffic in 2013 was 18 times more than all traffic across the entire global Internet in 2000. And company websites, which were designed for yesterday’s Internet, are struggling to keep up.

      Hema Dey, CEO and Chief Marketing Strategist for Iffel International, a digital marketing and logistics improvement company that helps manufacturing and distributing companies/clients build strong mobile websites, offers some tips for creating great mobile websites.

      1. Limit the need to scroll and steps to BUY– Mobile sites are the new point of sale for both product and service businesses. For a while now, we’ve seen a migration from shopping on desktops or laptops to smartphones and tablets and the trend is increasing each day. The key here is making your mobile site very easy to navigate, reduce scrolling, and do everything you can to make it easy for consumers and buyers to buy. Non-mobile friendly websites turn away buyers, which results in lost sales.

      2. Keep Your SEO Top of Mind for Mobile — Mobile sites are required for search engine optimization purposes. Google checks for mobile friendliness as part of overall page ranking. Google dominates about 80 percent of the Internet search engine world.

      3. Design the Mobile Site as a Selling Resource for Your Content and E-mail Marketing – Since we know more people check e-mail from mobile devices than desktops or laptops, mobile sites should be built as an information resource for that purpose. So an e-mail (or real time advertising, news updates, announcements, press releases, videos) might be the trigger that gets a person to click on the site, but then when the visitor arrives, the site must be clear, easy to read/navigate in order to capture the sale on that visit. But it’s a whole process and that should be considered. As Cisco sees it, that mobile growth isn’t going to slow anytime soon. The report says that mobile data traffic is expected to reach an annual run rate of 190 Exabytes in 2018 — or the equivalent of every person on earth sharing 14 Instagram photos every day for a year. Make sure your company’s website is ready.

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