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      Iffel Website Maintenance – Cyber Security, Threat Monitoring, and More

      • Posted On: October 14, 2020
      • Category: General Marketing Info
      • Posted By: iffelinternational

      Over time WordPress has established itself as the leading CMS platform for high quality SEO. With a slew of open source functionality, WordPress offers the potential for websites to climb in Google rankings quickly. This increased visibility is good for business, but there is often a security price to be paid. By investing in website SEO your domain becomes more visible on Google and therefore more valuable to potential malicious parties looking to usurp that value. Additionally, the open source nature of the platform means increased cybersecurity threats.  At Iffel International, we have noticed increased hacks on websites and as WordPress geeks, we care deeply about preventing these and maintaining a protected, productive WordPress sites. 

      WordPress Cyberattacks

      COVID has put a huge strain on small businesses while simultaneously increasing our reliance on virtual communications. For many businesses, websites are the first look a potential client or consumer has at your company. What if your website disappeared overnight and you had no back-up? What if a customer trusted your business’s website with their personal information and then their data was stolen? What if when trying to reach your website, a customer was redirected to a totally different website and was thus left with no easy way of reaching you?  

      There are a variety of ways a hacker can tamper with your WordPress site. 

      Brute Force Attacks

      The WordPress login page is the most attacked page on a WordPress site. Hackers use a database of commonly used usernames and passwords along with a bot to target WordPress sites and attempt different combinations to log in.  Additionally, if your password has been used for previous accounts that may have been exposed as part of a data breach, there is a high likelihood that your password is already part of a hacking database.

      Vulnerable Plugins & Themes

      WordPress plugins and themes are created by third-party developers and they tend to develop WordPress vulnerabilities quite often. For example, an easy-to-exploit vulnerability in the popular WordPress plugin “File Manager” recently triggered an internet-wide hacking spree. [i]

      Injection Attacks

      Without the right configurations an injection attack uses an input field to run malicious scripts on your site which hackers can then use to gain full control of your site. 

      Phishing and Data Theft 

      Phishing and data theft attacks can be used to redirect visitors from your website to other websites and trick them into revealing personal data and payment information. If a hacker is able to steal your website’s cookies, they can access the sensitive data of your business and your visitors. They can exploit this data to carry out their malicious acts such as defrauding customers by using their credit card information. 

      These are just a handful of the ways that hackers can maliciously infiltrate your WordPress site. While it may be impossible to prevent every security breach, a maintenance program with Iffel International allows us to mitigate problems that may arise. 

      Iffel To the Rescue – Website Maintenance & Protection

      We have a team dedicated to WordPress SOS issues and WordPress maintenance. At Iffel International, we have helped clients fix a variety of issues, many of which could have been prevented with a proper maintenance plan. We have helped clients who lost their entire website during the COVID pandemic; an already stressful time for businesses made infinitely worse by even just temporarily losing access to communication and advertising on their websites. Our team has cleaned up hundreds of malware issues on servers that arise over time due to poor maintenance. 

      Iffel International provides a white-glove service to all of our clients which includes not only effective SEO, but server maintenance that prevents technological crises. In addition to the added security available through Wordfence, we have three WordPress website monthly maintenance plans available, so that you can select the security that best suits your needs. 

      At Iffel International, we continue to develop new measures for website administration and routine auditing to help combat the rise in exploits related to the increasingly difficult forms of malicious malware. Your website is your number one marketing and business development tool on search engines. We want to help you protect it with our dedicated protection and resurrection services. 

      For more information about our website maintenance services visit our informational page or contact us HERE for a free consultation.

      [i]  https://www.zdnet.com/article/millions-of-wordpress-sites-are-being-probed-attacked-with-recent-plugin-bug/

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