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We are a boutique Website Design and Development Marketing Agency in Long Beach, California.

If you are looking for a marketing agency to brand, design and develop your website, we do some great work! Websites done right can contribute to increased sales and business growth.

It is also an essential tool to:

  1. Present and communicate your brand
  2. Present and communicate your offer and value proposition
  3. Play a pivotal role in search engine optimization (SEO)
  4. Be a resource to your target market

What makes a good website?

At the end of the day, a website for business purposes is good when there are new leads generated from it. To do that you have to understand how to structure your website to get the leads. The formula we apply is simply:

  1. Get a Functional Marketing Plan (FMP) done – this assesses you competitive position and game plan to compete online.
  2. From the plan, map out the right site map and keywords for SEO purposes. We have the capability to “spy” on your competition.
  3. Ensure your website is designed in tandem with your brand specifications
  4. Once the design is done, coding should be clean and tidy on a content management platform, and our favorite is WordPress.
  5. Content is key – write content for your website that is down to earth, relevant to your target market. Do not plagiarize information because you will be penalized on Google.
  6. Images are super important, “a picture tells a thousand words” – so make sure you pick the right images. Do not steal images from the internet and claim as yours.
  7. Once the website is scrubbed and read to go live, make sure you pick the right hosting platform and get your website SSL certified right away. If your website is not SSL certified by July 2018, your website will be presented to users as NOT SECURE.

We can hold your hand right through the whole process form 1-7. Make an appointment today at 855 433 3522 or contact us HERE

All websites have to be mobile optimized, if you are not mobile optimized you pretty much dead. We have listed out our mobile website information HERE

Read about Google’s mandate on mobile first HERE



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